Best Shopify Stores: 18 Stores To Draw Inspiration in 2020

Team LimeCall

July 16, 2020
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The Shopify solution has converted multiple small brands into a multi-millionaire business platform.

With the ease of setting up and growing up a store on Shopify, multiple business owners have found this great channel to get started.

Today the market or rather the world we live in has gone digital, everything that you need or your prospects require can be acquired with a single click, so when it comes to converting your business idea into a reality, why shouldn’t that be digital as well.

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Shopify supports and helps multiple business ideas to be converted into an established business. With the themes, features, and more, you can get your business out and running without any hassle.

In simple terms, Shopify is ensuring that whether you’re a small business or medium type of business or even a large type of business, creating your brand on Shopify treats you all equally. 

And with this motivation, it’s time you start your business handle which you always wanted to set up in the first place. You might feel a bit nervous, but to eliminate that, this article has something that can draw inspiration from:

Table of Contents:

18 Best Shopify Stores to draw Inspiration from in 2020

These businesses started just like how you plan to do so and with time they grew from a single digit to a double and more. 

It’s time to boost your business plans by learning from the best.

Let’s get started, shall we?

18 Best Shopify Stores to draw Inspiration from in 2020

1. Karina Elle

Best Shopify Stores_karinaelle

Type of business: As the image above shows, a white sports shoe, the clothes of someone who is exercising, and the tagline, ‘ Go beyond the body’ symbolizes that this is a sports-based business.

Business profile: Karina through her website is helping her users to focus on their body via different workouts. She conducts HIIT exercises which can be conducted at the comfort of your home. She also solves queries related to her field via her Facebook Groups.

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Why is this Shopify business the best?: This business is purely on the basis of influencer marketing and its monthly sales depend on the website being used to promote the influencer.

The website is straight simple, helping users get fit and that is exactly what this website speaks about. There is just one action to be conducted that is to get signed up and get started and that is revealed throughout the website when you scroll it.

Everything is explained well related to the type of service Karina offers which makes it a simple, easy, and wise way to sell to users. 

Result of engaging with Shopify: Karina’s Shopify store is considered to be the top Shopify stores across the globe. Also, with her Instagram handle would receive more followers as users would like to learn more about her.

2. Casey Neistat

Best Shopify Stores_caseyneistat

Type of business: In the image, that is Casey, one of the most popular Youtube influencers with 11,000,000 subscribers. But the Shopify store which Casey has is used to sell merchandise.

Business profile: Casey sells hoodies and cool T-Shirts where the money he receives will be donated to 

Why is this Shopify business the best?: Casey is one such Youtube influencer who aims to remain positive in all his videos and brings a smile on your face with his. In the image above you can see that Casey while promoting his 1,000,000 subscribers, wears the same on his T-Shirt. This image is posted on his website which gives users the idea of whose website they are on and a personalized approach of selling.

His website is simple, it has just two pages and his merchandise is present. It is evident that this store is created only for the purpose of selling the products. The store isn’t as fancy because mostly it’s Casey fans who purchase the merchandise to support him. 

Result of engaging with Shopify: His sales would skyrocket because it is an easy way to just purchase to support Casey. 

3. GymShark

Best Shopify Stores_gymshark

Type of business: A model posing with athletic clothes and the tagline, ‘Home workouts never felt so free’ is the clear definition of this store being a sports brand. 

Business profile: This Shopify store suits for both men and women who are looking for simple and breathable athletic clothing. It is a UK based fitness brand that was started in 2012 in a garage and has now grown to become one of the most famous fitness brands across multiple countries.

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Why is this Shopify business the best?: Firstly the website they created is attractive, they have background pictures of their clothing which immediately catches your attention to first scroll and take a look at it.

Secondly, images of models wearing the clothing also helps to give you an idea of how a clothing would look like which again can impact yours or other customers’ purchase decisions.

Lastly, this brand took the support of blogging to sell their products. They wrote everything related to exercising and their market which helped them trigger the attention of multiple users who workout. 

Result of engaging with Shopify: They grew to become popular in almost 131 countries following them on Instagram. In 2018, they hit a revenue of $128 billion, which is 256% more of what they hit in 2017 which was $50 million.

4. Ninja

Best Shopify Stores_ninja

Type of business: As you land on its website, a short video of two models posing with the clothing they are wearing is exactly what Ninja’s website is all about. Selling cool and millennial types of merchandise.

Business profile: Ninja is a popular gamer and influencer on From hoodies, to T-shirts, Ninja’s website has nothing more than merchandise to sell. The purpose of the website is evident as well.

Why is this Shopify business the best?: This is similar to Casey’s website. It is for fans who want to support Ninja’s gaming actions. The website is simple, clean, and easy.

The merchandise collection is present with the prices and all anybody needs to do is just click on what they want to buy and move on. The website isn’t complicated which is great to understand for beginners. A simpler buying process like Ninja’s Shopify stores triggers faster purchasing decisions to be made.

Result of engaging with Shopify: Helps to connect with fans better, drives more sales due to the connection.

5. Jane Motorcycles

Best Shopify Stores_jamesmotorcycles

Type of business: A man sitting on the couch, another man sitting in a bike, another image of just pants and shoes, this is a business that sells everything related to bikes, clothes related to it.

Business profile: Jane motorcycles have a twist in its name, it sells great looking helmets, bags, pants, shoes and so much more which will make you get on your motorcycle, look great and get on the road. The motorcycle collection will make every biker’s jaw drop low and the pictures are clicked in such a way that as a biker, you know what you’re going to invest in. 

Why is this Shopify store the best?: The website is perfect in terms of colour, design, and use of high-quality images. They sell so many products that the minute you hit your mouse of the ‘Shop’ option you have two categories in front of you, one of the products and the other is the brand which gives you multiple options to choose from.

This is the type of Shopify store that every business needs to duplicate, an easy website scroll will give the users a brief about what the brand is selling, the images add a great visualizing touch and the overall experience with the website is great.

Result of engaging with Shopify: A better choice to display all products in a convenient manner.

6. 8 and 9

Best Shopify Stores_8and9

Type of business: Funky T-shirts, Shoes, and the background images of streets, this is without any doubt a store selling streetwear in the coolest collections.

Business profile: 8 and 9 is a streetwear brand that sells everything related to Shirts, Pants, Sweatshirts, Long sleeves, and more for its users. Their products each hold a symbolization of the streets with the bags they sell and even their T-Shirts.

For those who are new to the street style this Shopify store does a great job in making them all fall in love with street fashion with their collections and display of it.

Why is this Shopify the best?: Firstly they have sections for their users to choose from, making it easy for users to understand what they are looking for and just head to that.

Secondly the high-quality images being used works as a great trigger to make users feel that this is what will make them look cooler. They also have a dedicated sales offer which is applied in the categories as you scroll and also when you appear on their website giving your actions more power to make that purchase.

Results of engaging with Shopify: Easy way to explain what the website is all about and gets started with shopping the minute users arrive on the website. A great way to tap and capture customers quicker.

7. SkinnyDip

Best Shopify Stores_skinnydip

Type of business: A shade of light pink and women posing with the products being sold, this is obvious that this is a store to suit every woman’s needs.

Business profile: From phone cases, to clothing to beauty products, Skinnydip is a website that will soon become friends with every woman that visits it. Each of the products being sold is broken down into categories such as for beauty products there are masks, soaps, and more giving its user a great collection to choose from.

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Why is this Shopify store the best?: It is attractive with the use of light colours, the font is easily understandable. Also finding the right product which fits your need is possible with the option to choose the colour you want, price range, product type, and more.

The website is very pleasing to the eyes and will make users retain their attention for longer. Every product has options that make it easy for any user to go directly to the product they are looking for. 

Results of engaging with Shopify: A simple and convenient website creation to find all that you require.A great way to place engaging content and not have it feel cluttered.

8. Fashion Nova

Best Shopify Stores_fashionnova

Source: Withintheflow

Type of business: The minute you land on the website, you have captivating images that make you scroll down to only realize that you are in a clothing wear brand website.

Business profile: In 2018, it was considered to be the most searched Fashion brand when compared to the other huge brands. It sells everything that a woman needs for a lifetime such as great activewear, accessories, tops, bottoms and the list can go on. The target audience it taps are women, curvy women, and men as well. The fashion statements no matter the gender makes it a great fashion website one needs to visit often.

Why is this Shopify store the best?: Firstly the images being used speaks volumes of the product and helps you visualize how you would look in it. The high-quality images used work as a great trigger to retain one’s interest in the products displayed.

Also when you move on the product names, there are images shown to you displaying the best sellers or maybe the top images which again is a great way to engage and capture customer’s attention without any hassle.

Results of engaging with Shopify: Fashion Nova experienced a rise in their Instagram followers with the set up of their Shopify store. Earlier it had 60,000 followers, now it has over 17 million and counting. 

9. Kylie Cosmetics

Best Shopify Stores_ky;iecosmetics

Type of business: The image of Kylie Jenner and the lipstick shade is exposed, this website is without a doubt a cosmetic store for lips, skincare, and more.

Business Profile: While the main cosmetic highlighted here is lips, there is also a series of other products being sold under this brand which are eyeliners, blushes, highlighters, and more. 

Why is this Shopify Store the best?: The most talked-about story about Kylie is her lips and that is exactly what she converted her story into a great business. Her website has a personal touch, she has a category which sells ‘Kylie looks’ where what makeup she has used has been stated.

For instance, if she has done a photoshoot the type of makeup kit she has used. Being a fan of Kylie this would be a great sell. The websites also state the best sellers and back in stock details which are the most common reasons why a customer would return to a brand. Instead of asking or searching, there is a separate category for both. 

Results of engaging with Shopify: This store is considered to be one of the top 500 Shopify stores in the world.

10. The Ouai

Best Shopify Stores_theouai

Type of business: A model touching her soapy hair, the background has the scene of the washroom, it is evident that this unique name is a haircare brand.

Business profile: The brand sells different types of hair care products such as Shampoo, conditioners, styling products, treatments, and more. 

Why is this Shopify store the best?: There are multiple reasons to love this store, one being the ease of understanding which product suits your hair with the problem being issued, for instance they have statements which best describe a particular shampoo such as ‘Weighed down’, ‘Need a glow up’ and more.

Secondly, they let you customize your hair care products which are a great winner in multiple users’ books. Thirdly, they have a blog that speaks about what the hair care issues are and how you can resolve them with their product. Lastly, it’s so easy to scroll and understand the brand with more relevant images and short content.

Results of engaging with Shopify: Considered as one of the top Shopify stores in the cosmetics industry.

11. Carbon beauty

Best Shopify Stores_carbobbeauty

Type of business: An image of the model pointing at her face gives you a brief understanding that the product is related to cosmetics.

Business profile: The brand sells all cosmetic related products such as cleansers, creams, makeup, serum, conditioners, and more. They even have a collection for men. 

Why is this Shopify store the best?: To start, the website layout gives you the millennial feeling, the way the layout is, makes it interesting to continue scrolling further.

There is no extra content written and so when you view a product the product title is viewed for your better understanding. The website is simple and to the point and guides any user to the right place.

Results of engaging with Shopify: Creative way of selling to customers whose interest in the brand will guarantee their retention for long which will in turn compel them to make a purchase.

12. Tattly

Type of business: The colourful imprints on the model’s body showcases that this is a tattoo parlour, only to be a temporary tattoo. 

Business profile: The owner of the business got this idea when she saw her child come home with a ridiculous fake tattoo design. It sells different types of tattoos which will suit kids and millennials of today. The prices for their tattoos are budget-friendly and also safe and non-toxic.

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Why is this Shopify store the best?: The website is so creative and makes you want to just continue scrolling and check every design. The entire website uses great image quality and is colourful and pleasant to the eyes. Everything you need is organized well and has a price listed which makes it easy for you to add to the bag.

Results of engaging with Shopify: In 2015, this brand sold over 2.6 million of its products. They now have a sale of over $10 million.

13. Happiness Abscissa


Source: Withintheflow

Type of business: The use of subtle colours and small bottles, this brand sells pleasant scents in the form of soaps and perfumes. 

Business profile: The brand aims to focus on the user’s wellbeing and happiness. Their products range from candles, soaps, and perfumes. Each product has a nice smell and the ingredients being used are soothing and great. There are lime, basil and so much more fresh ingredients that would suit any user’s taste.

Why is this Shopify store the best?: The website itself is so pleasant. They are focused on the ‘Ha’ word which they reveal reflects a sense of happiness. This is a great strategy as users can always remember the brand this way. The website’s feel and look is calming and nice colours are being used with strong content.

Results of engaging with Shopify: Due to its unique design, this brand has been featured as one amongst the best Shopify store list.

14. Ventana


Type of business: A man holding a surfboard along with other images illustrating supplies related to a surfboard, this is a brand that deals with a surfboard and its requirements.

Business profile: The brand sells different types of products such as surfboards, handplanes, fins, surf design T-shirts, and surfboard supplies.

Why is this Shopify store the best?: The website might not seem as pleasant, but it has everything it needs to sell the brand. It is also the point which is why it is considered to be one of the best Shopify stores. With the use of high-quality images, handcrafted products, and more, this brand serves its ultimate purpose which is evident on the website.

Results of engaging with Shopify: It is considered to be one of the success stories amongst Shopify stores.

15. Dryrobe


Type of business: Wearing long robes that fit every age group, this brand is undoubtedly selling comfortable dryrobes.

Business profile: The brand sells different types of dryrobes such as long sleeves one, short sleeve one, towel ones, really cool accessories such as bags, and more. Each of the products is created keeping in mind that after a quick jump in the water the one thing that you need to keep yourself warm and manage your cold belongings is exactly what this brand intends to offer you.

Why is this Shopify store the best?: The brand has a website that speaks volumes of its brand, the images used and short videos give you a better visual of how you can use their product better.

They even have a dedicated section to help you choose your size and style of dryrobe. They even have a section called featured activities where on choosing it you can understand where you can use their product better. 

Results of engaging with Shopify: It lets the users know what the product is all about with a simple website design.

16. The Great cookie

the great cookie

Type of business: From the name itself and the images of yummy cookies, the brand is a great cookie business.

Business profile: It sells a variety of cookies such as birthday cookies, memorial day cookies, and more. 

Why is this Shopify store the best?: This website is clear and to the point of exhibiting its product. Another great thing about this website is that for every cookie being made, the ingredients and product description of the cookies are listed which adds a personal touch to it. It even shows similar cookies if you are looking for a certain type.

Results of engaging with Shopify: The website was created in a unique manner where details of each cookie being created were easily organized and simpler to retrieve information from. It is also easy to choose the types of cookies you want for different occasions which makes it a great store for the cookie business.

17. Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Type of business: A coffee field and packets of coffee, this brand has to be a coffee selling brand

Business profile: You get to choose from different types of coffees such as Espresso and filter. To name a few are the roaster’s choice, special bru, and more. They even sell coffee kits such as pour-over kettle, coffee grinder, and more. Apart from coffee, they also sell good tea such as organic English breakfast tea, organic earl grey, and more. You can even subscribe to your coffee and tea packets according to your choices.

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Why is this Shopify the best?: Their website has a great black and white design which is appealing to the eyes. The images they use to give you the feeling that you are getting the smell of their coffee. They don’t just sell coffee they provide valuable information as well. Whether it is a brew guide or a bean journey, everything you need to know about your coffee is listed. 

Results of engaging with Shopify: The owner knew that they wanted to sell more than just coffee, they wanted every aspect of the coffee-making till they reach your cup to be known by all it sixers, with Shopify they were able to convey the same purpose in an elegant and simpler website design that is clutter-free. 

18. Miracle Brand

Miracle Brand

Source: Moosend

Type of business: The touch of a towel? This brand is focused on providing better towels than the one being sold in the market.

Business profile: This brand sells towels that are anti-bacterial, lets you clean it up 3x less, and provides healthy material that is safe from bacteria and better for your face. The product uses natural silver to eliminate almost 99.9% of bacteria via a natural process called Ionization. They sell towels, bedsheets, and pillowcases.

Why is this Shopify the best?: The website is simple and easy to understand. It triggers the problems with the towel, and how its solution can help eliminate it which is a great way of selling to customers. It focuses on the product and gives more reasons why one needs to invest in it.

Results of engaging with Shopify: With such a great way of selling to its users, this brand would have seen a rise in prices. The website is created in a simple yet effective manner which is why it is considered as another great Shopify store. 

The Bottom Line…

Shopify isn’t just going to help you create a website, it ensures that you are able to create an impactful impression with its support.

Before you can kick start your business on Shopify, let’s take a quick summarization of the tips provided by as the above Shopify stores:

Key Takeaways:

1 . Shopify stores help you create and set up your business online

2. To name a few of the Best Shopify stores are Ventana, Gymshark, Casey, The Ouai and more

3. The tips of successful business growth using Shopify are, keeping your website relevant and simple, making it easy for users to scroll through the products you are selling, using nice colours to retain user’s attention and more

So, which business of yours are you planning to start on Shopify. We would like to hear all about that.

, July 16, 2020, Team LimeCall

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