How to Grow Sales Service Over Phone? A Guide to Ace Sales Remotely

LimeCall Team

February 5, 2021
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Remote working is now the business way of functioning in 2021.

What started as a minor community of remote workers has now pushed multiple brands to join into making remote working a common norm. 

Previously, ‘’44% of companies globally don’t allow remote work’’ and the reasons could have been the common ones, getting distracted, not being able to focus well and much more but after COVID-19 hit the lives of businesses, this theory reversed, ‘’88% of the organizations, worldwide, made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.’’

When it comes to conducting sales actions, conducting service over the phone is a task one cannot ignore, so how can you strategize your phone calls to continue efficiently catering to your clients?

This is exactly what this article helps to help you in. 

You might be new to the world of remote working or you’re tensed at the moment on how you can perform well in your sales service over the phone, whatever it is, this article can help you to get started on the right foot.

What to expect in this simple guide?

Let’s get started.

Remote Working: The opportunities provided

1. Lets you balance work and personal life better

Balancing work life and personal life isn’t easy. The amount of time it takes to travel to work back and forth and the exhaustion of it plus add on with the work stress isn’t something which anyone can beat.

Being in sales, the pressure is real, it’s not even half a day and you are exhausted with half the phone calls.

But remote working eliminates that for you. When you’re at home, you realize that you have your family too that deserves your attention which is why it becomes easy for you to set your work timings accordingly and finish the work on time so that you can relax with your family.

Isn’t this one of the greatest reasons to appreciate remote working?

2. Cuts down travel time

How far is your office?

For a few traveling up and down itself is a 20km journey. Even if you plan to start your day on time, there is either a taxi turning up late or the traffic blocking your way. You cannot start the day with a bad note and expect it to continue well later.

This impacts your work as well and imagining your situation, your first call of the day should be great but with this, that stands a lesser chance.

But remote working eliminates this as well. You can wake up well before time and get started on the right note. You don’t have traffic noises, you don’t have to wake up early to hit the roads, you just need to get on your desk, isn’t this a better choice?

3. Let’s you comfortably function in your workspace

When you’re at home, you have your own workspace which you create such as converting a room into a mini office or sitting by the dining table and working near fresh air. You are no longer bound with sections to sit like in the office, you can make any corner of your house as your workspace and work well.

When you have such a convenient place to work, would you consider giving it up?

4. Lets you focus better without distractions

There are multiple distractions at work, your peers communicating, numerous sales calls taking place at the same time, different sales conversations being heard, phone calls ringing and the list can go on. For this reason, this can slow down your productivity and it does take time to get you back to focus.

This isn’t the case when you work remotely. You can cater to all your calls in silence without any disturbances. There won’t be any background noises and communicating with prospects becomes easier. 

5. Lets you continue your work as per your capabilities

How many times have you stopped your work to continue it the next day because you had to travel far? Or how many times have you finished your work early, only to wait in order to log out at the given time?

This all is far behind when you’re working. As per your work requirements, you can either work long hours or complete your work sooner. You have the ability to work as per your capabilities and complete your sales targets on time or well before time. Without any distractions or interference, you can achieve all your targets well on time. 

6. Tasks are completed sooner

You don’t have anyone to stop you in between your work to take multiple breaks, you don’t have multiple short meetings every now and then with your peers. When all the unnecessary work is eliminated since you’re the only one at home working, it becomes easier to complete the tasks assigned to you.

7. Efficient workflow happening

You have a set working time, you have your work plan set in front of you, you are aware of what you need to do in order to complete the task for the day when you have everything set in front of you, wouldn’t it be easy for your workflow to take place smoothly? 

Your focus is set right and conducting sales action in remote working is no longer a frowned upon topic. 

While you’ve learned that remote working is great and that it can help you achieve better results, we don’t judge you if you still find it inconvenient when conducting certain sales actions like providing your service over the phone.

Actually, we do have certain tricks which we’ve researched and have shared the same so that your important lead communication strategy never fails due to the change in the work environment.

How to conduct efficient sales service over a phone whilst remote working in 2021?

1. Ensure that you have a good network connection

Your office would have a good network connection but it’s not necessary that at home you would have such a strong connection. Ensure that you are able to conduct calls without having to say ‘Can you hear me’ frequently. That isn’t a great sign and it can cause a bad impression on your prospects. 

Ignore these hassles from happening by ensuring that you are always speaking to your prospects with a good connection where they can hear you well and vice versa. 

In case if you have a bad connection, you can try the following:

  • Switching to a network that has a great connection in your house
  • Going to a corner in the house which has a good connection
  • If your engaging online, ensure your investment is in a good internet connection 
  • Use headphones for better clarity
  • Always check your connections before making calls

2. Ensure you’re using the right communication tool

At times, engaging with prospects isn’t enough on just forms or contacting your leads, there will be moments where the prospects want to reach out to you, in such cases giving them your number to dial, or making it difficult for them to find your number on your website is what will push them away. 

Instead, make this easy for your prospects by investing in a good cold call solution available in the market that can instantly connect you and your prospects on a call. Such solutions are in the form of callback solutions. There are multiple callback solutions available in the market wherein a click of a button you can get connected with your leads in less than 28 seconds. 

One such callback solution which you give a try right now to see how easy it works is Limecall. You can get started here

3. Conduct phone conversations right on time 

Phone conversations are important for you as a sales rep which is why missing out on them cannot be afforded by you. While you work at the comfort of your home, ensure that you are not missing out on your prospect’s call. If you have a call schedule ensure that you are always on time to conduct it.

At times, we tend to take short breaks and by mistake miss out on calls which leads make or you have to make to leads, ensure that this doesn’t happen because the excuse of missing out is not counted, you could possibly miss away from a potential lead. Always ensure that you’re available and constantly checking for calls that will be made. 

4. Tune your sales pitches 

You are well aware that right now the market is slowly picking up its pace, and with that, it becomes difficult to sell to your prospects at the moment. So when you engage with your prospects, create a sales pitch that acts as a guide for you. Don’t state information there for the purpose of just selling, create it as a guide so that you know how to proceed further on the call. 

For example:

  • How will you introduce yourself?
  • What will be the main targets of the call?
  • What do you want your prospects to learn from this call?
  • How can you close the call better?

5. Don’t’ focus on selling, focus on educating

As stated in the previous pointer, it is important that you don’t focus on selling to your prospects because the market is just picking up and your prospects will require more reasons to make an investment. So instead, focus on creating a better impression on your prospects, invest in educating your prospects about your brand, the solution you’re selling, and more. 

Once the market is back on track, your prospects will come back to you and make the investment. See your sales calls as a way to prep your prospects to invest in your solution and educate them on that route. 

To educate your prospects better, you can conduct the following:

  • Relate how your product can help in the current market situation
  • Why is your product worth the investment in such a time?
  • How is your product tackling the current issues?

6. Invest in a good CRM to capture prospects data

When you’re working from home, there is one factor that you need to treat on priority, saving your data in a secure place. You cannot afford to lose out or exhibit your prospect’s data which is why you need a solution that can help you save all your data in one place and in a secure manner which is why an investment in CRMs is a better option. 

CRM ensures that your data is secured in one place where with a secure login details which only you will have can be accessed to. CRMs are easy and the best solution to use when it comes to easy lead management. Do you remember we spoke about callback solutions where we asked you to try out Limecall?

The great news is Limecall has an inbuilt CRM that can also help you conduct the necessary actions. 

The CRM is:

  • Automated
  • User friendly
  • Provides click to call action
  • Exhibits insightful data and more so that managing and dealing with your leads becomes easy while you’re on call. You can try Limecall here

7. Conduct frequent quality checks of calls

Another way to cater to efficient sales service over the phone is to have frequent sales meetings and quality checks. While this seems like a minor task, this can play a huge impact on your sales calls. 

The reason being:

  • From the lead record, you will understand how well your performing 
  • You can learn from your mistakes
  • You can understand with call recordings where you went wrong on the call and rectify that mistake
  • You can get better supervision from your experienced peers
  • You can get trained for the skills you’re lacking 

8. Practice more virtual selling

Now that you’re remote working, there is another factor that you need to adhere to, while sales calls are there to cater to your prospects, why don’t you go an extra mile by conducting virtual calls so that you can cater to your leads better.

You can conduct your calls via video conferencing so that explaining your leads about your solution adds on a more human touch. 

Now that we have solved your first query on how you can conduct efficient sales service over the phone, let’s also give you a bonus tip by helping you understand how you can conduct efficient remote working whilst being a sales rep.

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How to ace remote working whilst being a sales rep?

1. Increase internal communications

Since you’re at home, ensure that you’re not staying apart from your team or your peers. Increase your communications with them so that you always have the assistance you need to get started with your sales works and improve accordingly. 

2. Set your breaks accordingly

You are already living in the comfort of your homes which is why it is necessary for you to conduct breaks when you need them but not as frequently.

Conduct your work in such a manner where you can take a good 10 minutes break and then get started on with work again. When you do this, you’re less stressed and are able to focus on your sales actions much better. 

3.Work like you would in the office

Just like how you work in an office where you are always available for calls, your sales data is always up to date, reports are sent on time and you’re always present at meetings, ensure that you do the same at home as well. Treat your workflow and 

4. Focus on providing your leads with a good sales experience

You would treat your leads well just the way you would in the office, what you need to do is apply the same at home. While your work environment has changed, the way you cater to your leads shouldn’t, which means you need to continue getting into calls with them, conduct follow-ups with them, and other actions which you do. 

See it in this way, a pandemic cannot stop you from helping your prospects to achieve their needs, you will continue to be the efficient sales rep that you are. 

The Bottom Line…

‘’Amazingly 99% of remote workers would like to continue doing so to some extent.’’

Remote working is what we all will experience for quite some years. Remote working has proved to brands that work can be conducted even beyond the office space which is why such kinds of the environment are being created by almost all the well-established brands. 

So tell us, what did you think of this topic? What are your views on this article? Would you like to share your opinion because we would love to hear from you.

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, February 5, 2021, LimeCall Team

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