7 Great On-page Lead Generation Tools 2024

Vincent Hawley

February 16, 2024
15 minutes to read

In the digital world that we live in, websites have become our virtual storefronts, bustling with the promise of customers and fortune. It has become imperative for brands, like you, to spend countless hours crafting eye-catching displays, curating stories of irresistible products and services of lead generation.

This is what you do on your front–armouring your brand with everything to attract customers and crack deals. But, more often than not, even your best efforts are not enough to change customer behaviour. The sobering truth is, that even the most captivating websites can stand dormant, teeming with visitors who leave no more than fleeting digital footprints. 

It takes merely 50 milliseconds, yes, only 0.05 seconds, for a customer to judge your website and determine whether they’ll stay or not!

This is harsh. Isn’t it? You need to come up with something for your website time and time again, for it to stay relevant for your consumer base. But do not worry folks! This article will aim to be your map to this new territory, a guide to seven powerful on-page lead generation tools that can turn your website into a gold mine of engaged leads.

Pop-up and Slide-in Forms: Stealthy Lead Generation Ninjas of the Web

Do you remember the annoying pop-ups that used to attack our screen space, uninvited, and demanding our email addresses? Thankfully, those days are in the distant past. In today’s times of cut-throat digital competition and very little to no consumer attention span, these pop-up and slide-in forms have become really important tools.

These tools have gracefully captured leads without ever breaking your website’s stride. Here’s why you should embrace these digital ninjas:

They’re sturdy and targeted:

Instead of popping up on any random webpage, your pop-ups can be curated to target your select customers at the perfect moment. For instance, you can have an onlooker lingering on a product page. And, baaam! A slide-in offering a sweet discount appears on the screen.

Is your customer about to leave without purchasing? A pop-up with a freebie might change their mind.

Conversion rates skyrocket:

Since 2016, pop-ups and slide-in forms have boosted lead count exponentially. According to a survey, images on your pop-up modals can increase click-through rates by 29%! Imagine, for every 10 visitors, 3 become potential customers. Do we say anymore? That’s the power of a well-timed offer.

They blend in seamlessly: These amazing additions will not make any sense if they are jarring and disturbing for the customers. Why would anyone interact with them if they are a sore to the eye? No!
With time, these forms have turned out to be elegant and discreet. In most cases, they can seamlessly integrate with your website’s design. They become part of the experience.


Don’t show desperation: Offer value, not despair. Remember, your tools can never interfere with your customer’s experience. The moment your pop-ups and slide-in forms start appearing worthless, your customers will start complaining. So, do not bombard them with random pop-up modals.

Moreover, try and give them something awesome in exchange for their info, like exclusive content, early access to sales, or a free cheat sheet. Remember, you’re building relationships, not forcing them.

Keep it short and sweet: No one wants to fill out a novel to get a discount. So, try and keep your forms concise and clear, with a call to action that’s impossible to miss.

Popular Lead Generation Tools – Pop Ups

1. LimeCall

LimeCall’s Custom Lead generation Forms can be a game changer for your brand.  This feature allows you to design chic, personalized forms and seamlessly integrate them into your LimeCall widget and URL page. Capturing valuable customer information for you could not have gotten any smoother.

To start with, your system can do away with the generic questions that have pestered customers throughout. With LimeCall, you enjoy targeted insights! 

You can build forms that collect the details you genuinely need, whether it’s phone numbers, email addresses, product preferences, or specific pain points. This tailored approach unveils the information that powers your sales and marketing strategies, elevating your lead generation game.

With the form integrated with the LimeCall widget on your website, in addition to being visually appealing, your forms will also be strategically placed for optimal user-friendliness.

This tool will also ensure a smooth and consistent experience for every customer, no matter where they interact with you.


  • Basic Plan: $25/month for 1 user, 100 call backs, 250 leads, call routing, call recording, analytics. Receive calls, SMS and leads on Slack. Call recording. Schedule Phone Calls
    Forward calls to your phone/SIP. SMS Inbox. Call Tracking. Campaign & Keyword Reporting.
  • Pro Plan: $149/month for unlimited users, 500 call backs, Unlimited leads, advanced call routing, call scoring, custom greetings, IVR, integrations with major CRMs.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for larger teams, unlimited calls and SMS, advanced features like predictive dialing, agent performance dashboards, call centre reporting, and API acces

2. Wisepops

Your website will pass off as a no-show if it lacks the tools to capture your customers’ interest and convert them into leads. A pop-up tool like Wisepops can be a game-changer. With the Wisepops, your business can access a wide range of popup designs. From nice and smooth slide-ins to attention-grabbing full-screen CTAs, this tool will allow you to find the one that best works for your brand and audience.

Such a tool allows you to focus on visitors of a certain type, depending on their location and even behavioural patterns This ensures that your messages are as targeted and effective.

With this tool, your brand can even run A/B tests with various design reads and value propositions to allow data to lead the way for optimization.

The Wisepops solution is far more advanced than a mere pop-up generator. The system provides you with impressive tools that allow for the creation of eye-catching welcome pages, exit-intent bars and notification campaigns – one will receive a whole arsenal necessary to drive leads.


The pricing, however, can depend on various factors. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Basic: Begins from $14 per month, best suited for small businesses with standard pop-up demands.
  • Pro: Starts at $49month and allows the inclusion of advanced features such as A-B testing, exit-intent pop-ups and analytics.
  • Business: Begins from $99month, for high-volume traffic with complex strategies of lead generation.

Agency: Term accounts with custom pricing, which is tailored for agencies in control of clients’ multiple portfolios.

Transparency is also a top concern at Wisepops – you can take advantage of the 14-day free trial to test out their platform before committing.

3. OptinMonster

In the domain of online marketing, OptinMonster is often hailed as the grandmaster of pop-up and slide-in forms. This power-packed tool is a full-fledged lead generation machine, capturing leads with finesse.

Since its launch in 2013, its user-friendly platform boasts a diverse arsenal of pop-up and slide-in templates, allowing you to craft a marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs.

High Conversion Rates: Yes, you can design alluring popups and slide-in forms until the end of time. However, in the absence of effective targeting, they will fly around your website causing no conversion of potential leads.

OptinMonster is about forms that exactly catch the target at the right time, just like a ninja going through walls stealing your email address without you knowing it happened.

Consider exit-intent popups that display when the visitor moves their cursor over the “close tab button”, providing an interesting offer just as visitors are about to leave. 

For instance, try having timed delays that allow visitors to settle into your content before prompting with an appropriate form whereby a visitor is interested in the offered product without asking.

Page-level targeting: It’s as if you have a private handshake with parts of your site, crafting the message to fit in perfectly at that particular area. It is all about laser focus, such that directs your lead-capturing activities to bull-eyes and not drifting aimlessly.

From Guesswork to Gold – A/B testing

Precision targeting is just the initial stage. You also need to make the content precise.

Using OptinMonster’s A/B testing platform can be a game-changer for your brand. This is where you get a chance to try out different designs and use various headlines and calls for action to determine what works best.

By performing each split test, you accumulate data and research outcomes; and witness the optimal formulation evolve out of real-world results – not intuition.


OptinMonster offers four tiered plans, each tailored to specific needs and budgets:

  • Basic: This entry point begins at $9/month and provides essential functions such as the drag-and-drop build, mobile responsive templates, and basic targeting. Ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses.
  • Plus: Enhance your weaponry by incorporating improved aspects such as exit-intent popups A/B testing, and accurate statistics. It is designed for progressive firms that require precise lead generation.
  • Pro: To fully harness your platform, offer ‘priority access’ in addition to advanced targeting options and deep integration with CRM functionality-wise. This program applies to large-scale growing organizations and agencies.
  • Growth: The complete lead generation dojo with lots of unique features including dynamic text personalisation, multi-step campaigns and on-site retargeting to major businesses and serious lead ninjas.

4. HelloBar

While some lead generation tools favour elaborate, complex strategies, HelloBar takes a more nuanced and approachable approach.
Founded in 2012, this high-end platform is centred around fostering natural engagement, establishing trust, and gently guiding visitors towards a valuable exchange – their information in return for your exceptional offers.

HelloBar has empowered website owners of all skill levels to embrace lead generation. Their user-centric platform prioritizes simplicity and efficiency.

Effortless Lead Capture: Reasonable coding knowledge can be sufficient to make use of the platform’s drag-and-drop forms and pre-built templates. You can use them as much as your heart wishes to design content that are lead magnets. Beyond Pop-Ups: Slide-ins and announcements can play a large part in driving more meaningful user engagement and brand advocacy. These, in turn, contribute to the establishment of lasting relationships.

Scalable Growth: The tool offers a 3-tiered plan that works for any budget and needs, whether you are an amateur or experienced lead ninja.

Supportive Community: Gain access to various useful guides, tutorials and a user forum that is ideal for providing inspiration or troubleshooting ways of growing the email list.


Recognizing that every business has its own growth trajectory and budget constraints, HelloBar offers three-tiered pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: This plan acts as a welcome note to lead generation. An ideal choice for newcomers to instant lead generation who want to test its basic features. Try email pop-ups, social media buttons and necessary analytics – for free.
  • Growth Plan: The Growth plan costs $19 per month and allows for the complete utilization of HelloBar. With this scheme, you can use unlimited pop-ups and slide-ins alongside advanced targeting options while allowing for A/B testing to perfect your form of lead capture.
  • Pro Plan: This tier is meant for real lead generation enthusiasts who want to enjoy an ultimate package at $ 49/ month. This level provides you with high-end functionality such as exit intent pop-ups, multi-step forms and detailed analytics including conversion funnels that enable businesses to diligently optimize their campaigns.

Interactive Content for Lead Nurturing

It’s a fact– attention spans are fleeting and at a rapid rate. In such a domain, content often struggles to break through the noise. If your platform is struggling with user engagement, interactive content can help in wielding its engaging prowess to capture user interest, gather valuable data, and nurture leads towards conversion. 

Welcome to the world of dynamic quizzes, immersive calculators, and personalized assessments that carry the power to draw users in like moths to a flame.

The crux of interactive content lies in its diversity. Each format delivers a unique opportunity for your brand to connect with its audience:

Quizzes: Who doesn’t enjoy competing in quizzes? One’s mood can be greatly elevated by minor victories. These lighthearted tests appeal to your customers’ competitive nature and desire for introspection. Customised tests can assist your platform in determining the demands of users, audience segmentation, and even pointing users in the direction of pertinent goods or services. You win-win, isn’t that right?

Calculators: By incorporating such a feature into your platform, you may enable users to participate, respond to inquiries, and perceive possible consequences. For example, a mortgage calculator can help with budgeting and discreetly advertise your financing services.

Assessments: Would not you grab an opportunity to delve deeper into user preferences and pain points? Personality quizzes, skill assessments, and compatibility tests can efficiently gain insights into user psychology and guide personalised lead nurturing strategies.

Cultivating Leads Beyond the Surface

Interactive content isn’t just about entertainment; it can be leveraged to become a strategic tool for lead generation and nurturing. By engaging users in active participation, you stand to collect valuable data points like email addresses, preferences, and even purchase intent. This information allows you to:

Segment your audience: You can cater your marketing efforts to individual needs and interests, ensuring every message resonates.

Personalize communication: You can craft targeted email campaigns, product recommendations, and special offers that feel tailor-made for each user.

Nurture leads with relevant content: Move users along the sales funnel by providing educational resources and valuable insights based on their quiz or assessment results.

Popular Lead Generation Tools – Interactive Content

Riddle – The Quiz Connoisseur

Is it fun when work becomes play? Or, won’t it be crazy to have your potential customers lured into a captivating game of knowledge and self-discovery while they are on your website? 

Riddle is your quiz master who holds the power to turn passive website visitors into active engaged participants. Think personality tests that reveal hidden talents, product recommendation quizzes that guide purchase decisions, and educational assessments that leave users feeling empowered and informed.

Riddle’s Winning Formula:

Quizzes Galore: Your platform, in most cases, will need quizzes that are curated based on your customer-related targets. For this purpose, Riddle can act as a perfect knowledge broker. This tool offers a diverse library of pre-built quiz templates to suit any topic or brand. 

From personality assessments to trivia showdowns, you can seamlessly fit in the quizzing templates without any coding knowledge!

Branching Narratives: Simple linear quizzes are a thing of the past. Riddle’s powerful branching logic paves the way for dynamic quizzes where the user’s answers can germinate further questions. It is like quizzes morphing into interactive stories, offering unique paths and tailored insights for each participant.

Lead Capture Mastermind: Riddle seamlessly integrates lead capture into the quiz flow. You can be rest assured that the user experience will not be compromised with random pop-up modals. This flow enables you to gather valuable data like email addresses, demographics, and even purchase intent without disrupting the engaging experience.


Riddle caters to diverse needs with three-tiered plans:

  • Essential: Ideal for beginners, this monthly offering of $69 can help you with basic quiz creation and lead capture features.
  • Pro: Starting at $129/month, this plan gives you access to advanced features like branching logic, lead generation scoring, and detailed analytics.
    Business: At $299/month, this plan caters to professionals who wish to leverage all the Pro features along with options for full brand customization, using custom fonts, adding MP4 videos to their quizzes and using advanced tracking. You can also run your ads here!
    Each of these 3 categories comes with a 14-day free trial period!
  • Enterprise: Tailored for high-volume users with custom branding, bulk quiz creation, and dedicated support. You can visit their website for further information regarding this category. 

Interact – The Data Whisperer

Riddle is more involved with the game format and Interact takes it further into data-driven personalization. This tool is a combination of calculator-like interactive elements that provide personalized insights, tests that identify user challenges and prescribe solutions as well as interactive infographics which tell compelling stories using data.

Interact’s Key Strengths

For those aiming to rise above data gathering and tap into the game-changing power of individualized user interactions, Interact is a strong companion. Its ability to integrate easily with existing marketing tools is the foundation of this effort as it allows you to automatically enter forms and customize content.

Consider calculators changing according to user location, evaluations that rearrange themselves based on past quiz outcomes, and content adopting the specific interests of each individual without effort – all possible due to Interact’s powerful features.

In the world of visual storytelling, Interact enables you to eliminate the sway dry data tables have over. Here, numbers become more than their numerical container as they transform into dynamic infographics, presentations and reports. 

Engage your viewers, turn intellectually dense material into simple facts and leave behind an imprint that outlives more common presentation of data. It makes communication soar to new heights by transforming statistics into compelling stories that instruct, enthral and linger in the mind.

With Interact, lead capture is woven into the very core of your content and made to appear like second nature. As the users interact with your creations, they become a part of your email list unobtrusively and provide valuable data without interrupting their virtual trip. This organic integration ensures that lead capture becomes an integral part of the path, instead of a difficult barrier.

Pricing of Lead Generation Tools

Interact caters to different needs with four tiered plans:

  • Lite: Start your journey with key features such as calculators and infographics for only $27/month.
  • Growth: If you choose this option it will cost you around $53 per month. This price entails benefits such as interactive assessments, data integration, and fundamental analytics.
  • Pro: This costs $125 for advanced professionals who need lead scoring, branching logic and custom-branded content.

AI-powered Assistants and Chatbots

35% of businesses now use AI in their operations in some form or another.  For example, the use of chatboxes has enabled customer care representatives to offload basic relationship management to these trained chatbots. 

Hence, these agents can smartly delegate high-priority matters to their human counterparts which will help minimise confusion and errors. Here is a list of advantages that these tools offer that will leave you singing like Pavarotti:

Customer Service Bliss: Pre-out-of-the-box chatbots can do wonders in providing immediate help and preventing mind clutter. Since your users’ basic concerns are taken care of on the go, they will be less likely to switch sides.

Efficiency Unleashed: Take the case of Marriott Hotels & Resorts. With the help of chatbots, this international brand has been able to address basic issues allowing human agents to focus on more complex relationships and problem solving.

This balanced structure has changed the game of conversions for them!

Scalable: These chatbots-cum- partners can operate 24 hours a day and reduce your workforce cost! With the help of chatbots, you can launch your platform without being limited by time zones or foreign languages.

Top Players


It is time you let go of the generic chatbots. With Drift’s AI, you get a seasoned veteran, trained on over 100 million B2B sales and marketing conversations. 

This means that Drift understands your business, your customers, and even your subtle humour! This tool brings with it personalized recommendations and seamless context switching for efficient lead qualification.

Lead Magnet: Now, your welcome page will never be the same. With Drift, you can greet visitors based on their behaviour and interests to provide a sense of belonging. Your proposed system is capable of using their browsing history data and user information to show products or related services.

Sales Funnel Streamliner: Drift can skim through conversations, sniffing out potential leads for you. Moreover, your reps do not have to be concerned about junk calls; they can choose to go after leads who seem invaluable. This tool also has an option that lets you book instant in-chat meetings.


Drift offers 3 pricing plans under its umbrella:

  • Premium: The plan has a cost of $ 2500/month and is equipped with Live Chat, meetings, custom chatbots, real-time notifications as well as conversational landing pages.
  • Advanced: You can leverage this category by sending personalised messages and developing an optimized lead pipeline. For more details, please visit the website.
  • Enterprise: This domain mainly caters to high-end marketing platforms. You can amplify your personalization and pipeline creation efforts throughout the whole customer journey. For more information, check the website.


While Drift thrives in the chatverse, Limecall orchestrates its magic through the power of voice. This phone call virtuoso excels at:

AI-Powered Call Routing: Every customer hates waiting on a call when they require an immediate resolution of their problem. Call-wait time is one of the most irritating and repetitive features of customer care. 

The need for a brand is to steer calls towards appropriate and relevant agents based on caller intent and skills. LimeCall’s AI analyzes speech patterns and streamlines call routing so you save time and agony.

Lead Qualification on the Fly: Real-time transcriptions are available with Limecall, capturing the essential details for you. Now you can stop taking post-call notes.

Advanced Call Analytics and Recording: Get detailed information about customer behaviour and agent performance through call analytics as well as recordings.


  • Basic Plan: $25/month for 1 user, 100 call backs, 250 leads, call routing, call recording, analytics. Receive calls, SMS and leads on Slack. Call recording. Schedule Phone Calls
    Forward calls to your phone/SIP. SMS Inbox. Call Tracking. Campaign & Keyword Reporting.
  • Pro Plan: $149/month for unlimited users, 500 call backs, Unlimited leads, advanced call routing, call scoring, custom greetings, IVR, integrations with major CRMs.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for larger teams, unlimited calls and SMS, advanced features like predictive dialing, agent performance dashboards, call centre reporting, and API acces


Your website or platform is not just a bunch of pages. You have to see it as a busy marketplace of options. Your visitors are likely to page through, click on something and then pause before disappearing into thin air. And, you would never want that.

It is about time you perceive the presented tools as your virtual best friends, each with an individual purpose of enhancement and transformation.

15, February 16, 2024, Vincent Hawley

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