Top ResponseIQ Alternatives: A Complete Guide

Vincent Hawley

April 25, 2024
20 minutes to read

Hey there! Struggling to find the perfect call tracking solution for your business? You’re not alone. While ResponseIQ might be a popular option, it’s definitely not the only fish in the sea (and hey, maybe you’re looking for something a little more affordable or easier to use).

This guide dives into some fantastic ResponseIQ alternatives, focusing specifically on features like click-to-call, call backs, and call scheduling widgets – all the bells and whistles you need to streamline your communication and convert more leads.

Let’s take a deep dive into some top contenders:

  • LimeCall (That’s us!)
  • Callpage
  • Justcall
  • Novocall

Close Look At The Top Alternatives


(Hey! This is us!) Ready to elevate your call tracking game and unlock valuable customer insights? Look no further than LimeCall! We go beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive toolkit designed to supercharge your call conversion rates and empower you with data-driven decision making. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro or just starting out, LimeCall’s powerful features and intuitive interface cater to businesses of all sizes and levels of expertise.

Top 10 Features:

  1. Click-to-call widgets with extensive customization options
  2. Omni channel widget templates to suit all businesses
  3. Advanced call tracking and analytics with detailed reports
  4. Call recordings with transcriptions and call tagging
  5. Smart call routing to ensure calls reach the right agent
  6. Callback scheduling so leads don’t have to wait on hold
  7. Integrations with popular CRMs, marketing tools, and help desks
  8. Lead capture forms, insert custom forms into your widget
  9. Advanced call scoring to identify your top-performing agents
  10. Customizable call greetings and voicemail options

Pros & Cons:

Why LimeCall Outshines ResponseIQ?

ResponseIQ might offer a user-friendly rather basic call tracking experience, but businesses seeking a comprehensive communication engine that goes beyond the basics, LimeCall is the clear champion. Let’s take a look why!

A Feature-Rich Toolbox for Strategic Communication:

LimeCall offers a comprehensive suite of features, empowering you to take complete control of your call tracking strategy. Unlike ResponseIQ’s more limited offerings, LimeCall provides a true advantage. Imagine fully a complete range of customized widgets that seamlessly integrate with your website, reflecting your brand identity, the communication channels you wish to prioritize and enhancing the user experience for potential customers. This level of customization ensures a smooth transition from website to call, maximizing lead generation. ResponseIQ offers very limited customization.

Unveiling the Depths of Every Call:

LimeCall doesn’t stop there. We go far beyond basic call tracking metrics. Our robust analytics and reporting tools unlock a treasure trove of valuable insights hidden within your call data. Delve deeper than ever before, analyzing sentiment, identifying missed opportunities, and uncovering hidden trends that can be leveraged to optimize your marketing campaigns with laser precision. Gain a crystal-clear understanding of how callers interact with your business, allowing you to tailor your approach and drive significant results, something ResponseIQ can help with, it does not provide the depths most may require.

Effortless Usability Meets Advanced Functionality:

The best part? LimeCall achieves this power without sacrificing ease of use. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth setup process, even for non-technical users. This user-friendly experience empowers your entire team to leverage the power of call tracking and contribute to your communication strategy.

Exceptional Support Every Step of the Way:

And when you need a helping hand, LimeCall’s dedicated customer support team is always there. Our knowledgeable representatives are passionate about your success and provide exceptional support, ensuring you get the most out of the platform. Each plan is complete with a personal account manager to ensure your teams are fully up to speed with every feature, ensuring your business maximizes its results.

The Price Tag

ResponseIQ plans are $294 (plus tax) compared with LimeCall’s $99. LimeCall’s comprehensive solution with insightful data empowers you to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve lead generation, and ultimately drive significant revenue growth. The potential return on investment (ROI) with LimeCall cis staggering in comparison.

Ready to Take Your Calls to the Next Level?

If you’re ready to graduate from basic call tracking and unlock the true power of your communication channels whilst reducing costs with sacrificing features, LimeCall is the answer. Our comprehensive solution equips you to analyze every interaction, personalize the customer experience, and ultimately drive significant business growth. Let LimeCall be your guide as you transform your communication strategy and deliver exceptional customer experiences that keep them coming back for more.


Calling all simplicity seekers! If you’re looking for a call tracking solution that’s as intuitive as using your favourite app, then CallPage might be your perfect match. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, CallPage makes diving into call tracking a breeze, even for those with no prior experience. CallPage offers a reasonable suite of features that can help you understand your call performance and may impact your marketing efforts to a certain degree.

Top 10 Features:

  1. Click-to-call widgets
  2. Call tracking and analytics
  3. Call recordings
  4. Integrations with CRMs and marketing tools
  5. Screen sharing during calls
  6. Call routing features
  7. Lead scoring
  8. Call popups
  9. Custom call reports
  10. Real-time call monitoring

Pros & Cons:

Unveiling the Right Fit for Your Business

Choosing the perfect call tracking solution can feel overwhelming. Both CallPage and LimeCall offer user-friendly interfaces, making setup a breeze. However, their strengths lie in different areas, so understanding your specific needs is crucial.

CallPage and LimeCall shine with their affordability, both offering plans at $99, however LimeCall offers 500 leads compared to CallPage’s 100. Both pricing plans are attractive for startups and businesses on a tight budget. Additionally, their user-friendly interface makes setup and daily use a breeze, even for non-technical users. This ease of use empowers your entire team to embrace call tracking and contribute valuable insights. CallPage offers most core call tracking features that provide valuable data to optimize your marketing efforts.

LimeCall: A Deep Dive for Strategic Communication

While CallPage offers a solid foundation, LimeCall caters to businesses seeking a more comprehensive communication strategy, perfectly balanced with its ease of use. LimeCall delves deeper than basic call metrics. Their robust analytics tools empower you to analyze sentiment, identify missed opportunities, and pinpoint areas for improvement in your communication. Imagine a treasure trove of insights hidden within your call data – LimeCall unlocks it, allowing you to optimize your marketing campaigns with laser precision.

Beyond Tracking, Building Experiences:

LimeCall offers a wider range of customization options for click-to-call widgets, whilst you can opt for a simple click to call or callback widget, there are templates that include omni channel functions, such as 2 way SMS messaging, form integration, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your website and create a branded user experience. LimeCall also ensures more advanced features are as simple to configure as the most basic of widgets. Additionally, advanced call routing features ensure calls are directed to the perfect agent, fostering a more efficient and personalized customer experience. This translates directly into higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Investment for Growth:

LimeCall’s feature set is designed to optimize your communication strategy, leading to potential instant boosts in lead generation, conversion rates, and ultimately, business growth. The potential return on investment with LimeCall is huge, particularly if you consider replacing a live chat widget on your site (which on it’s own would be powered by another platform, with costs attached) and using the 2 way SMS channel that LimeCall provides at no additional cost!

The Choice is Yours:

CallPage offers a user-friendly and affordable solution for basic call tracking needs. LimeCall, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive toolbox for businesses seeking to refine their communication strategy, personalize the customer journey, and ultimately drive growth. Understanding your specific needs and budget will help you select the perfect call tracking champion for your business.


Buckle up and get ready for a streamlined call tracking experience with JustCall! This cloud-based solution empowers businesses of all sizes to make and receive calls, track performance metrics, and gain valuable customer insights – all from a user-friendly interface. JustCall boasts a range of features designed to simplify call management, improve call quality, and boost lead generation. Let’s explore what JustCall brings to the table and see if it aligns with your business needs.

Top 10 Features:

  1. Click-to-call widgets
  2. Call tracking and analytics
  3. Call recordings and transcriptions
  4. Smart call routing
  5. Lead capture forms
  6. Call popups
  7. Integrations with CRMs and marketing tools
  8. Call scoring
  9. Customizable call greetings
  10. Real-time call monitoring

Pros & Cons:

Why LimeCall Takes You Further Than JustCall

JustCall excels in user-friendliness and streamlined call management, making it a great choice for those prioritizing a no-fuss solution. But what if you crave a deeper understanding of your calls and want to leverage them to optimize communication? This is where LimeCall steps up to the mark.

LimeCall dives deeper by offering an all important powerful toolkit. Imagine analyzing call recordings or using intelligent call routing to connect callers with the most qualified agent based on their needs. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, LimeCall provides extensive customization options for click-to-call widgets, ensuring a smooth user experience that seamlessly integrates with your brand.

Scale Your Communication Team Effortlessly

JustCall offers a solid solution, especially for smaller teams with its user-friendly interface and focus on streamlined call management. However, for businesses that require a more robust solution to support a growing team, LimeCall stands out as the clear champion.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential with Unlimited Users

One of the biggest advantages LimeCall offers is the ability to add unlimited users to your account. This eliminates the restriction of JustCall’s 2-user limit, empowering your entire communication team to leverage the power of call tracking and contribute valuable insights. Imagine the wealth of data you can gather and the strategic advantages you can gain when your entire team is actively involved in analyzing calls and optimizing communication.

Seamless Collaboration for Enhanced Communication

With LimeCall, everyone on your team can access the platform and collaborate effortlessly. This fosters a more data-driven communication culture, allowing insights and best practices to be shared and implemented across the team. This collaborative approach ultimately leads to a more cohesive and effective communication strategy for your business.

Adapting to Your Growth

As your business scales, your communication needs will too. LimeCall’s unlimited user structure ensures your call tracking solution can grow alongside your team. You won’t need to worry about upgrading plans or restricting access as you bring on new team members. LimeCall seamlessly adapts to your growth, empowering your communication strategy to keep pace with your success.

The Power of Many: Why LimeCall Makes Sense

While JustCall might be suitable for smaller teams, LimeCall’s unlimited user structure makes it the perfect choice for businesses seeking to empower their entire communication team. With LimeCall, you can unlock valuable insights, foster collaboration, and lay the foundation for a scalable communication strategy that drives growth.


If capturing more leads through phone calls is your only priority, then NovoCall might be a good choice. Their feature set is built to help businesses grow lead potential from their calls. Using a basic click-to-call widget and lead capture forms that gather your customer data, NovoCall may equip you with the tools you need to turn phone inquiries into loyal customers.

Top 10 Features:

  1. Click-to-call widgets
  2. Call tracking and analytics
  3. Call recordings and transcriptions
  4. Smart call routing
  5. Lead capture forms
  6. Call popups
  7. Integrations with CRMs and marketing tools
  8. Call scoring
  9. Customizable call greetings
  10. Real-time call monitoring

Pros & Cons:

When it comes to in-depth call tracking and insightful data analysis, LimeCall stands out as the powerhouse solution. Here’s what makes LimeCall ideal for businesses seeking advanced functionalities and scalability:

Extensive Features & Robust Integrations:

LimeCall boasts a comprehensive suite of features, including in-depth call analytics, smart call routing, screen sharing, real-time monitoring, and advanced widget customization. These features empower you to gain a deep understanding of your communication performance and optimize every touchpoint. Additionally, LimeCall seamlessly integrates with a wider range of CRMs and marketing tools, allowing you to centralize your data and streamline your workflows.

Deep Call Data Insights & Scalability:

Businesses seeking to unlock the true power of their call data will find LimeCall invaluable. With features like call recording transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and detailed reports, you can analyze every aspect of your calls, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your communication strategy for maximum effectiveness. This data-driven approach is crucial for businesses that require ongoing optimization and growth.

Superior Lead Generation & CRM Management:

While lead generation is important, LimeCall goes beyond basic capture. Their plans offer up to 500 leads per plan compared to NovoCall’s 150, allowing you to capture a wider pool of potential customers and nurture more leads through the sales funnel. Furthermore, LimeCall offers advanced built-in CRM and pipeline management functionalities, ensuring you can effectively manage those leads. Combined with features like callback scheduling and advanced lead capture forms, LimeCall empowers you to not only generate more leads but also convert them into loyal customers.

Cost-Effectiveness for Advanced Features:

While NovoCall’s plans might appear cheaper at first glance (NovoCall: $149 vs. LimeCall: $99), consider the value proposition. LimeCall’s feature set offers significantly more capabilities, including:

  • 3.3x More Leads per Plan: Capture a wider audience and nurture more potential customers with LimeCall’s superior lead generation capabilities.
  • Wider Range of CRM Integrations: Effortlessly connect LimeCall with your existing CRM system for a streamlined workflow.
  • Advanced Built-in CRM & Pipeline Management: Manage those valuable leads with ease and efficiency.
  • Deeper Call Data Insights: Unlock the true potential of your call data with features like sentiment analysis and detailed reports.

The Bottom Line: For businesses seeking advanced functionalities, in-depth analytics, and superior lead generation capabilities, LimeCall offers a more cost-effective solution in the long run. With LimeCall, you get the tools you need to optimize your communication strategy, generate more leads, and ultimately drive significant business growth.

Upgrading from ResponseIQ?

If you’re currently using ResponseIQ and feel limited by its basic call tracking features, LimeCall offers a transformative leap forward. LimeCall empowers you to unlock a whole new level of communication optimization and more.

Advanced Analytics To Maximize Results

Forget basic metrics. LimeCall provides in-depth insights with features like call recording transcriptions, call tagging, and detailed reports. Imagine analyzing every aspect of your calls, from caller behavior to team performance. This data-driven approach empowers you to identify missed opportunities, pinpoint areas for improvement in your marketing campaigns, and tailor team training for maximum effectiveness.

Intelligent Routing for Exceptional Service

LimeCall’s intelligent call routing goes beyond basic rules. Imagine callers seamlessly connected with the most qualified agent or team for their specific needs, based on factors like caller location, call history, and agent expertise. This translates directly into faster resolution times, improved customer satisfaction, and a more efficient overall communication flow.

Seamless Integrations & Streamlined Workflows

LimeCall effortlessly integrates with a wider range of CRMs and marketing tools, allowing you to centralize your communication data and streamline your workflows. This eliminates data silos and ensures all your communication efforts are working in perfect harmony. LimeCall comes complete with its own, in built CRM, fully customise tags and flows and move leads through LimeCall’s Pipeline effortlessly.

Lead Generation & Superior Customer Service

While generating leads is important, LimeCall doesn’t stop there. Features like callback scheduling, advanced lead capture forms (these sound complicated, but no! Effortlessly add custom forms in seconds!), and web-to-text functionalities empower you to capture leads while also delivering exceptional customer service. This comprehensive approach ensures you’re not only attracting new customers but also fostering loyalty with existing ones.

Transforming Call Tracking into a Strategic Advantage

LimeCall goes beyond basic call tracking. It empowers you to transform it into a strategic communication powerhouse. With its advanced features and data-driven insights, LimeCall equips you to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive significant business growth.

Feature Comparison

Choosing the right call tracking solution can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key strengths and weaknesses of the top contenders to help you make an informed decision:

Click-to-Call WidgetsYesYes (Highly Customizable)YesYesYes
Call Tracking & AnalyticsYesYes (Advanced)Yes (Basic)YesYes (Basic)
Call RecordingYesYes (With Transcription & Tagging)YesYesYes
Call RoutingYesYes (Smart Routing)Yes (Limited)YesYes (Limited)
Callback SchedulingNoYesYesNoNo
Integrations (CRM, Marketing)YesYesYesYesYes (Limited)
Call ScoringNoYes (Advanced)NoYesNo
Custom Greetings & VoicemailYesYesYesYesYes
Real-Time Call MonitoringYesYesYesYesNo
Noise CancellationNoNoNoNoNo

Ease of UseEasiestEasy EasyEasyEasiest
Analytics & ReportingBasicAdvancedBasicGoodLimited
Call RecordingLimitedIncludedIncluded (plan dependent)LimitedLimited (plan dependent)
Call RoutingBasicSmartBasicBasicBasic
Callback SchedulingYesYesYesYesYes
Advanced FeaturesScreen sharingLead capture forms, real-time monitoringScreen sharingLead capture formsN/A
Lead CaptureBasicAdvancedBasicFocusBasic
PricingAffordableAffordableAffordableAffordableMost affordable

Pricing Comparison

Plan Price$99$99$138$149$294
Included Credits100500300150200
Click-to-Call WidgetsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Call Tracking & AnalyticsBasicAdvancedBasicBasicBasic
Call RecordingLimitedIncludedIncludedLimitedLimited
Call RoutingBasicSmart RoutingBasicBasicBasic
Callback SchedulingNoIncludedIncludedNoNo
Integrations (CRM, Marketing)LimitedExtensiveLimitedLimitedLimited
Call ScoringNoAdvancedNoBasicNo
Custom Greetings & VoicemailIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Real-Time Call MonitoringIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedNo

Here’s a quick tip for choosing the right fit:

  • Beginners: Prioritise ease of use? LimeCall, or CallPage might be good options.
  • Advanced Needs: Deep call insights and powerful features? LimeCall is the strongest contender.
  • Lead Generation: Prioritise capturing leads from calls? LimeCall and NovoCall excels in this area.
  • Budget: Tight budget? LimeCall has the most affordable options.

Remember, most services offer free trials. Take advantage of them to see which platform best suits your workflow and delivers the insights you crave!

Let’s Round Things Up

Phew, that was a lot of call tracking goodness! Now you’ve got a solid understanding of what ResponseIQ offers, alongside some fantastic alternatives that cater to different needs and budgets.

So, which call tracking service is right for you?

If you prioritize ease of use, both LimeCall and CallPage are great options. For feature-richness, user friendly widgets, full customizability and powerful analytics, LimeCall (ahem, that’s us!) is a perfect fit. JustCall known for its user-friendly interface and focus on core call tracking functionalities. NovoCall is reasonable at lead capture.

Ultimately, the best way to choose is to take advantage of most services’ free trials. Spend some time testing them out and see which one integrates seamlessly with your workflow and delivers the insights you need to take your calls to the next level.

20, April 25, 2024, Vincent Hawley

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