Top Conversion Optimization Tools of 2024

Team LimeCall

June 15, 2021
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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The users who ‘convert’ or engage with your content are the viewers or users who have completed the desired activity on your website (say, clicked on an advertisement). This total size divides by the quantity of the audience. This figure then converts to a percentage, which determines the ‘conversion rate’.  

Conversion Rate Optimization refers to the process of increasing the Conversation Rate of your website. It is done through various strategies and marketing techniques to improve the performance of your platform. These ‘tools’ or strategies and techniques used to optimize conversion rate are known as Conversion Optimization Tools.

The different types of conversion are: 

1. Exchanging

This method of conversion rather leads to a short-term gain. To put it simply, it refers to an exchange of information between the user and the website.

All the forms we fill on websites are tools of ‘exchanging’ conversion.

2. Consuming

‘Consuming’ conversion means consumption of an element of a website by the audience to increase conversion of the concerned website.

It comprises things as simple as downloading PDFs and music or installing apps – anything that increases or determines the audience’s engagement with a website’s content.

3. Sharing

This conversion is caused by users of a website sharing and eventually engaging with a website’s content. It is majorly seen on social media platforms.

On social media platforms, say, Instagram, accounts set up as professional or business profiles can see insights of their posts and stories. These insights clearly state the number of times the content has been shared and viewed.

4. Connecting

Connecting is the most personal kind of conversion out of the four. It refers to a website connecting or engaging with its users, which leads to the users engaging more with the website. It thus leads to conversion optimization.

Connecting conversion can mostly be seen when websites or pages reply to comments and entertain messages from customers.

Why Is Conversion Optimization Important?

The growing importance of conversion optimization can be explained through the following :

  • PPC Costs’ Hike
    • PPC or Pay Per Click are ads you see on websites (Google Ads, mostly). Unfortunately, the prices of these PPCs are constantly on the rise.
    • This price hike paves the way for conversion optimization, as in the case of the latter, websites would not have to rely on PPCs for being paid for the engagement they get.
  • Short Consumer Attention Span
    • It is not an unknown fact that today, humans’ attention span is much shorter than it used to be a few decades back. This can simply be seen by how we do not bother to search through the next few Google search results if we do not find the desired content on the first page. Most of us automatically lose interest.
    • Users on a website also act no differently. Thus, conversion optimization here takes over the responsibility of keeping the audience interested and increasing engagement.
  • Tackle Online Competition
    • Competition, today, can be found in practically every sphere of life. Online portals, too, are no different. Big shot retailers like Flipkart and Amazon have somewhat taken over small-time retailers.
    • Hence, to turn this increasing competition in your favor, you need to have an engaging website with techniques or methods to induce conversion. You need to optimize conversion in order to sustain itself in the market.

While the aforementioned points describe the major reasons a business needs to invest in conversion optimization, the following would help you understand its advantages better and take your call accordingly.

  • Lead Generation
    • Leads are visitors of your website who show interest in your products and services and could potentially be converted to customers and clients. 
    • Along the same lines, lead generation refers to the process of attracting these leads.
    • For instance, consider an advertisement for a job vacancy on your website. This act of putting up the advertisement would qualify as lead generation. The people with the right qualifications, who click on the advertisement and read the job profile, are leads.
    • Therefore, investing in conversion optimization would increase the reasons customers could be attracted to your website. This would, in turn, generate and capture more leads.
  • Generates Higher Income
    • One of the biggest advantages of consumer optimization is how it generates more income for the portal.
    • With consumer optimization tools, websites now, instead of spending individually on each customer, spend collectively on the audience. It leads to savings, which in economic terms would equate to higher income.
  • Attracts More Customers
    • Investing in consumer optimization, little by little changes the look and other major appearance components of your website in order to engage an audience.
    • Thus, the customer-friendly website with its new appearance attracts more consumers. More consumers mean more optimization and more revenue generated, and the cycle goes on.

To understand the role of conversion optimization in enhancing a business, let us consider an example.

Say you have a website for your XYZ business. In 2017, the website only displayed products you had for sale and informative articles on the products you specialized in. Thus, your return on investment was not very high, and you were not able to make adequate profits. 

Naturally, with a better experience and with more space to tell you what they need or like about your products, more customers visited your website and engaged with the content.

Thus, your sales for the financial year 2018-19 exceeded the same in 2017-18. As a result, your profit margins increased, and high-end magazines and editorials too started noticing your business venture and approached you for featuring in their subscriptions. 

We know what helped the business now, don’t we? The level of interaction on the website improved, thus improving the business as a whole. Such is the importance of conversion optimization and its relevant tools in managing an online business.

What Are Some Conversion Optimization Tools?

There are various conversion optimization tools available in the market. 

According to Visitor Queue ( ), the top 5 most popular and efficient tools are:

  • Google Analytics 360 Suite
    It offers tools and solutions for better audience analysis. This, in turn, helps in the proper understanding of the performance of a business enterprise.
Google Analytics 360 Suite vs Standard What's In for the Free User
  • Amplitude
    This helps businesses keep track of their users’ interaction with the former’s content using behavioral reports. In addition, the insights help the business in identifying its engaging audience.
Amplitude Raises $9M For A New Approach To Analytics And Pricing |  TechCrunch
  • ActiveCampaign
    ActiveCampaign is cloud software that automates marketing, sales, and the like to optimize customers’ experiences. It is a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool.
ActiveCampaign integration — amoCRM
  • Pingdom
    Pingdom, true to its name, keeps pinging websites to see if they are down due to network issues or users can access them. It also helps in checking the speed of the site.
  • InMoment
    InMoment assists in optimization by using real-time customer feedback for the same. It is a Voice of the Customer platform (VOC).

How Does Conversion Rate Optimization Benefit Search Engine Optimization?

Let us first understand what exactly is Conversion Rate Optimization and Search Engine Optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization is an essential and crucial element of any business surviving via digital media. It helps to turn general viewers and users of the website into customers. 

Search Engine Optimization refers to using search engines to improve or increase traffic (audience engagement) with your website. 

As can be seen, conversation rate optimization and search engine optimization are more closely related than one could imagine.

Conversion rate optimization includes activities that would benefit search engine optimization (SEO) in a multitude of ways, such as:

  1. Enhances Return On Investment (ROI)
  2. When customers engage with the content of your website, or there is high conversion, it leads to the subsequent generation of revenue. Thus, when a business incorporates conversion optimization tools, it generates more traffic without investing extensively in doing so.
  3. More traffic consequently directly equates to search engine optimization. 
  4. Increase In User Engagement
  5. As discussed in the previous point, integrating conversion optimization tools in your online business would naturally increase the number of visitors that your website gets. However, with the right methods, converting these visitors to clients would be a cakewalk.
  6. Thus, this increased user engagement would result in higher traffic.
  7. Attracts ‘New Traffic’
  8. When a business is interactive and user-friendly, the goodwill of the business enhances. It may happen in things as simple as these users praising the website in front of their family or friends, who would visit your website once upon the former’s suggestion
  9. Therefore, existing customers or traffic helps in attracting fresh traffic without any further investment in the same.

How Can Limecall Be The Key To Successful Conversion Optimization?

(read : )

Review Limecall: Callback within 28 seconds to assist your visitors -  appvizer

Limecall is a real-time customer engagement platform that uses personal interaction to convert leads into customers. It helps to increase the conversion rate by indulging in more sales calls and meetings with visitors. When users visit your website, they are easily and instantly connected to real humans to discuss their plans and needs; it consequently increases sales and enhances conversion rate. 

Limecall uses call analytics, call recording, real-time messaging tools to improve conversion and sales. It allows users to interact with real humans instead of automated machines. This interaction helps in building trust between the two parties. It also gives visitors an option to schedule their calls at their convenience.

Limecall can be the key to successful conversion optimization as it encompasses conversion rate optimization tools, which in turn help enhance the conversion of a website or online business.

Consider an example – say, two online businesses are dealing with the same range of products, ABC and PQR. 

ABC simply just shares content and focuses on its business operations. Its website is also somewhat dull and extremely professional. 

On the other hand, PQR, with the help of Limecall, maintains customer relations by sharing its content and interacting with the consumers through emails, calls, and messages. It also has feedback forms to understand customers’ opinions better.

Now, think as a common customer would. Would you not choose to make purchases from and make deals with PQR instead of ABC? Why? It is rather simple – because PQR has a user-friendly procedure and takes your feedback into account.

Thus, Limecall, with its conversion optimization tools, also helps with enhancing the public image of a business and maintains its Public Relations (PR).


In today’s world, where online businesses are just as much in the picture as small-time street vendors and retailers, it is the need of the hour to make the most of what all digital media provides. 

In the shops too, from where we generally purchase our daily necessities, we can see how the shopkeepers indulge in conversations with the customers and promote a healthy, customer-friendly atmosphere. This helps to build trust in customers about their shop and ensures the former would visit again.

Online businesses may perform on a different platform, but the business laws are the same at the end of the day. These businesses, too, need customer engagement to increase sales and generate revenue, which would help them sustain themselves in the market.

With Limecall (check:, the conversion optimization tasks of your business delegates in good and safe hands. As a plus point, Limecall also ensures the safety of its users and keeps customers’ privacy concerns in mind while performing its operations. 

Now you know where to go if you want your business to grow!

, June 15, 2021, Team LimeCall

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