Top 5 Alternatives of CallRail

Team LimeCall

July 24, 2021
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  • Setting up a call tracking campaign with CallRail only takes 60 seconds, so you can quickly optimize your strategy
  • Marketers who use automation have an average 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rating
  • One of their clients was spending $2,000 a month on a campaign, but after implementing CallRail, the client is now spending $8,000 on that same campaignan increased spend of 300%

Inbound call tracking software is a broad space in the world of technology, and numerous individuals are looking for speedy, inventive software solutions with dynamic number insertion, port existing numbers, and visitor and keyword tracking.

All About Callrail

Every day, B2B is changing, and the applications one uses are changing every day. However, no matter how much it changes, tracking calls made to your customers can never go out of business. 

Callrail is the ideal tool for marketers who are interested in inbound sales calls to enhance their marketing efforts and ensure the company’s growth.

With Callrail, tracking website forms and multi-channel calls won’t be a hassle. They combine that data into conversion analytics, marketing optimization, and general tracking.

Besides, it also records the call and provides an AI-driven transcript of both ends of the call. That makes it easier for you to read it, which is much faster than listening to it.

Callrail offers: 

  • Basic call tracking at $45 per month.
  • Call tracking and conversion analytics for $95 per month.
  • Call tracking and form tracking for $95 per month.
  • Call tracking, form tracking, and conversion analytics for $145 per month.

Role of Callrail as a B2B call tracking tool

For a business to walk on the path of success, the foremost need is for a great website. But having a website is not enough – measuring and tracking its activities is important to know about the website’s online traffic. And, Callrail meets the exact requirement – but in a B2B. 

Nowadays, digital marketing is creating quite a hype among the masses – and Callrail, with its marketing analytic techniques, aid not only in tracking your leads but in monitoring them as well. 

You may think that tracking leads are easy, but only if your lead has a website – and what if they don’t? 

Well, Callrail has got you covered. 

Apart from monitoring and tracking your leads, Callrail finds the origin of each lead – with or without a website. 

Once you know the origin of your leads, deciding your ICP and figuring out the marketing campaigns wouldn’t be a big deal. 

Features of Callrail

  • Static & Offline Call Tracking
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • In-Depth Caller Context
  • Custom call flows
  • Local and Toll-free number
  • Visitor & Keyword-Level Tracking
  • Campaign-Level Call Tracking
  • Multi-Channel Call Attribution
  • Call Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Notifications
  • Visitor Timeline
  • Call Scheduling

For example, marketing firms utilizing CallRail for various organizations may allow Manager-level permissions to their customers. This gives their clients greater adaptability inside that organization’s account while keeping every setting secure.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Alternatives of Callrail

There are a number of features that come along with the most renowned call tracking companies, but our goal was to make things easy for you. Here, we brought it down to a handful of must-see considerations before choosing any standard call tracking software like the alternatives of callrail

What You Should Look For in the Alternatives of Callrail

1. Reliability

Reliability is one of the most important factors you should consider when deciding what call tracking company to use for your B2B. 

Consider, when something goes wrong, how quick is the company to fix it, and will you lose any of your data in the meantime? 

CallRail uses reliable, trusted carriers that track millions of calls each day. They also have a secondary system on standby to record calls if problems occur with their primary system. 

Thus, allowing them to make sure your call data is always being tracked and that your calls are always connected.

2. Responsiveness

Well, will it not be great to reach out to sh app-support that is responsive enough? Surely. 

At Callrail, you can get round-the-clock support, thus making it easy for you to get prompt replies. Be it over email or the phone; there’s never a delay from them. 

Talking of technicalities, their team remains well-equipped with the latest Google Ads Certified professional to ensure hassle-free assistance with every info a customer may need to know. 

3. Value

Cost and value remain two of the most important factors when choosing a B2B application. No matter how tempting the offer looks, considering whether the pricing is reasonable enough or the quality of the services offered is important.  

Talking of alternatives of callrail, the options are quite affordable, and the best part – all the core features come standard in each of the call tracking bundles. Besides, there is no visitor-level tracking procedure. Thus, you can add as many users and companies as you want without paying anything extra.

4. Integrations

What are the integrations your software offers? Is it capable of syncing data automatically within? 

Well, these are quite important questions. 

With the expansion of remote working and tremendous work pressure, automatic syncing and the latest integrations have become the need of the hour. 

CallRail allows you to integrate your call data to reporting systems you already use, allowing you to get deeper marketing insights while connecting with a wide range of marketing, sales and analytics software.

From Google Analytics, Google Ads, KISS metrics to, Mobile Push Notifications, and what-not – Callrail has it all, and the best part is, you can even customize your own and personalized integrations through Webhooks and API.

5. Documentation

No matter what you purchase, how you purchase, or whom you purchase from – documentation is important. 

Before you make any decision, take a step back and think about – will you get the documentation you need to easily learn about product features and how to use them properly?

For Callrail, the scenario is different. They have come up with such in-depth documentation that makes finding answers and configuring the latest features only in seconds. 

It would help if you had a call tracking organization with the attributes and highlights that permit you to comprehend why individuals call, permitting you to upgrade your promoting efforts and better utilize your marketing strategy. CallRail gives you the simple opportunity to utilize moderate call tracking sponsored by responsive help and a dependable platform.

Why do you need the Alternatives of Callrail?

CallRail happens to be an effective call tracking platform that helps marketers to track phone call conversions from search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns. 

Its functionalities like call recording empower organizations to qualify leads, further develop client care, and mentor the staff. Besides, it likewise works with dynamic number addition and custom call routing.

However, CallRail and its options give organizations the information-driven experiences to settle on more brilliant choices while running still on the cloud.

In other words, alternatives of callrail give you a complete picture of your customer’s journey. So, you get to know which campaigns are performing well.

However, just like other marketing tools, CallRail can’t fulfill every business’s specific requirements, so you may need the alternatives of callrail to improve the ROI.

Here are some more reasons according to the potential customers that will make you look for a Callrail alternative: 

  • Price is not so satisfying.
  • Its reports need to be more elaborative.
  • Its integration feature is a little weak.
  • Its integration doesn’t work well with Zapier and Hubspot.
  • Setting up phone numbers can be difficult for some people.
  • The onboarding process is a bit clumsy.
  • Pricing tiers could be better for agency-type businesses.

Top 5 Alternatives of Callrail

1. CallTrackingMetrics

A digital platform for the marketers to aim for a better customer experience through call tracking intelligence. 

Often, especially in a B2B, we get lost regarding where to start and where to end when marketing. 

However, with the CallTrackingMetrics, you can filter out the marketing campaigns which are generating leads. Besides, you can even go through the real-time data for designing an effective marketing campaign concerning your business model. 

For example, you’re out vacationing in Fiji – will your customers know that and wait to call you? 

No, not really. 

Customers will call and reach out to your team whenever they feel the need.

However, if you have the CallTrackingMetrics, no matter how part of the world you are, you can stay connected to your customers 24×7 as long as you have an internet connection.

Why choose?

  • Matches website visitors to calls and offline activities for accurate lead generation count
  • Offers total alignment of marketing, sales, and service teams
  • Provides you with actionable insights by determining the customer’s journey and pain points to offer the best customer service

Let’s see what an honest reviewer has to say about it

By Bryan D, Senior Marketing Strategist Mid-Market

Why go for the CallTrackingMetrics? 

“One of my favorite things about Call Tracking Metrics is the simple integrations it has with ad platforms. I run ads for a number of businesses, and one of the last things I want to worry about is if the tracking is set up correctly or if my client’s calls are being tracked correctly. I have full confidence in Call Tracking Metrics that the integrations are secure.”

Are there any dislikes?

“It does have a bit of a learning curve when first getting used to the platform. There are many features, so it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning knowing what edits are needed vs. what is best left on default. After a few interactions with the platform, this becomes a lot easier.”

2. RingDNA

Being one of the best sales engagement platforms, RingDNA aids the larger revenue growth of the budding B2Bs. From engaging to execution and gathering performance insights – you can do it all and much more with the software.

It delivers real-time insights with AI-powered guidance and tools for revenue leaders, managers, and sellers. Besides, the application also keeps your calls organized and stores the call history of each client as well. 

Why choose?

  • Records live calls and save in-call records, which makes them easy to find. 
  • The AI feature allows for easy auditing and reviewing of phone calls.
  • It is easy to create a task in RingDNA so that clients can be followed up appropriately.

By SagarP, Customer Care Executive, Small-Business

Why go for RingDNA?

We use RingDNA as a calling software, and after working on several other software, I would want to appreciate the efforts this team has made to ease our lives. Like, while working on any other software, we can still use the shortcut keys to accept the calls.. They even have a feature like popping up the call on the screen, and what more do we expect.. Would want to appreciate one more thing, like we have fewer call drops on RingDNA, which is a must for any calling software. Just one to say, please continue on a positive side, and I am dead sure that RIngDNA will be the future of calling in any BPO/ KPO industry.

Are there any dislikes?

Nothing specific, just one bug which I observed is sometimes due to high call volume; we don’t get notification that if the call is lending to us or is it in the queue. Can just add the other notification sound for queue call will be the cherry on the cake.. No more complaints.

3. CallSource

With advanced call tracking technology and business intelligence, CallSource happens to be one of the best B2B software platforms. The best part about the platform is that it is capable of tracking whether your marketing campaigns have been effective or not. 

For a B2B who remains focused on serving clients, there can’t be a better platform than CallSource. It helps to optimize the revenue of the client, brand reputations, and profit margin. 

Its real-time data helps to strategize, solve, and implement the solutions to track actionable analytics.

Why choose?

  • It helps to identify the strengths and shortcomings of our callers.
  • Individuals require no exceptional training to report as it’s very easy to export and generate with the platform.
  • Customizable pricing plans depending on the particular business requirements. 
  • Aids call tracking through identifying the strengths and shortcomings of the callers.
  • It gives suggestions on how and where the business can improve and do better. 

By Jason M, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing and Advertising, Small-Business

Why go for CallSource?

The use of Dynamic Number Insertion and phone training has changed how we make and receive phone calls. It has also been amazing in helping track where the calls are coming from and how effective other vendors can be—both digitally and on print materials.

Are there any dislikes?

We want to be able to dig deeper into the information available in the backend. The information is great we want to mark specific phone calls to specific salespeople.

4. Invoca

Being one of the leading technology platforms, Invoca is uniquely designed for the eCommerce officials, sales and marketing teams, and customer service individuals to track their conversations with the customers and improve and enhance their service quality and responsiveness. 

Besides, the platform offers wide integrations capable of converting the customer conversation data to automated action. It also aids better relationship development with the customer, generating more revenue and digital technology enhancement.

Why choose?

  • It helps to take prompt action in real-time with a completely personalized dashboard.
  • Scope of conversation evaluation and improving your skills by looking at the conversation transcriptions. 
  • Searches probable prospects by highlighting certain fragments of calls where the executive mentions an offer or a service the customer is interested in. 

By Walt Rossi, vice president of business development, Five9

Why go for Invoca?

With Five9 and Invoca, contact center agents can see what the customer has done online, empowering them to provide a more human, empathetic, and personalized experience. As more people seek human assistance after shopping online, getting this context is critical to experience customers efficiently.

Are there any dislikes?

There was no live Q&A function to the presentation. Even though the presentations were not live, it would have been nice to have a chat function with someone in the chat answering questions.

5. Aircall

Being a modern cloud-based phone system, Aircall offers a seamless experience of tracking calls and meeting customers’ expectations. 

The best part of Aircall, however, remains some of the best Helpdesk tools and top-notch CRM integrations. These tools come in handy for the customer support and sales teams who feel the need for clear conversations and want to retrieve data from them. 

It is backed up by real-time data insights, making it ideal for the team to see their analytical growth and improve the areas where the change seems a bit stale. 

Why choose?

  • Aircall promotes teamwork, and thus, its shared inboxes are perfect for every team, especially remote, where every team member can view what’s coming in their inboxes. 
  • Sales teams know the importance of collaboration, and Aircall contributes to the procedure of shared contacts. The best part being – users can share the contacts they create within Aircall with their departments or teams.
  • Aircall’s call cascading feature helps to distribute calls among teams which helps everyone in the team to remain in sync.

By Sonia B, Marketing Executive, Small-Business

Why go for Aircall?

It is simple and easy. Efficient. Also, it has many options to share info with colleagues.

I like the option to assign calls to others.

The other thing that I like is to choose the prefix of the country where I am calling to that easy, so clients will see it is a national number, and they are more likely to take the call.

I like having different formats to use- on the laptop or the phone.

One of the things I like the most is to be able to see all the calls everybody makes.

Are there any dislikes?

Having to log in every day in the extension. I would like to have an option to keep logged in permanently so every time I turn on my laptop or my google account; I would be already logged in.

Maybe the connection with Zoho could be improved. For my work, Zoho is very important, and I feel the record there could be more complete.

I would have liked to have a video tutorial rather than a call when starting using the app.

Limecall – One of the Best Alternatives of Callrail

Limecall, with its extensive features and customer-oriented approach, has fetched quite a spot in the world of B2Bs. Having mentioned some of the notable alternatives of callrail, Limecall couldn’t be left out of the list because of its real-time analytical data. 

Just like Callrail, Limecall lets you track customer behavior and respond to increased engagement and conversions. Besides, when it comes to customer management, Limecall records customer calls and gives you real-time analytical data to generate better leads.


One cannot quote the importance of Callrail much as one of the major B2B strategizing tools. However, it is not necessarily important for everyone to go for Callrail, so the alternatives of callrail come into play. The alternatives are in no way less important than Callrail and can give a tough competitive advantage.

, July 24, 2021, Team LimeCall

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