Unveiling the Top Secrets Of Creating A Successful Text Messaging Campaign

LimeCall Team

September 23, 2020
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‘’Globally, the amount of people who send and receive text messages is predicted to rise to 5.9 billion by 2025.’’

Surprised at text messaging still being important?

Well, text messaging campaigns can help your business to not just grow but give you the leads you are looking for.

‘’People will definitely see what you send them — SMS open rates are as high as 98%.’’

Multiple brands assume that social media, Google ads, and other tactics are enough to drive or generate leads, but text messaging is going to prove such thoughts wrong.

Think of it this way, in your smartphone you do have multiple apps but when you receive a text message, it automatically makes you view the text without even opening or sometimes you even happen to view that message, why do you still do it when you are aware that text messaging is super old.

The reason being you are aware that the messages you receive are limited, they are limited because you know that only the necessary texts will reach out to you and that’s what makes you view the text in the first place.

Now, what would happen if you receive an attractive text message from a brand regarding your needs, wouldn’t you open the text? Wouldn’t you view it once and see what it’s about?

If you like it you will go ahead and learn more about the brand. Now, what if this happens to your prospects? Don’t you think that your lead count has the ability to increase in great numbers?

This is possible, and we are going to show you how you can get great text messaging campaigns done. This article is created with the intention of helping you understand multiple topics such as :

Let’s get you on board.

What Is Text Messaging?

text messaging campaign by nintendo


This is exactly what text messaging is truly defined as.

When you receive such ads informing you about a coupon or discount or a brand, that is when you realize this is a form of text messaging.

Now when you see such a message as shown above in the image, you would be compelled to check the product out, when you continue to check the product out you witness discounts and reasonable pricing and more.

Thus you end up making a purchase because you’re happy with what you’ve seen. This is exactly what you need to do with your prospects as well.

Use text messaging as a platform to tap your prospect’s attention and get them to explore your brand better

Text messaging campaigns can be rewarding for any business or rather any business like yours who apply such a technique, we have proof of the same.

Benefits Of Text Messaging For Your Business In 2020

1. Helps to build loyal prospects for your brand

The prospects whom you engage with are those who have signed up for your business and want to engage with your brand hence they subscribed to your brand. This is evident here is that these are warm leads that just need a small push to convert into a sales lead. This is great because it helps you to connect with the leads that are interested in your brand. 

2. Works as word of mouth advertising

Say for instance that you’re looking to send a text message regarding an offer on your product. Your prospect realizes that this offer is great so what they do they would invite their friend or family to try out your product. This works as a great word of mouth advertising and more exposure to your brand and product is out there. 

3. Communication skills are enhanced

Text message’s communication processes are better. You could send a thank you message or a reminder in just one line, this works well in improving the relationship between you and your prospects as they will be aware of who you are and what you are offering them and more. Use text messaging campaigns as they are a great way to strengthen your bond.

4. Faster approach

You have an offer that you want your prospects to get on with it today, just send a text message, the link is being clicked and the product is being used and explored by your prospects. It is simple and easy. It is quick, there is no waiting time, you send out your text messages and the prospect sees it and conducts the action accordingly. 

5. The ability to unsubscribe

Another great reason to love text messaging campaigns for your brand is the fact that your prospects can unsubscribe whenever they want. This is great because you’re not forcing your prospects to engage with your brand, instead you are portraying that your brand has what it takes to satisfy their needs. 

6. To offer existing prospects more on their plate

Text messages also help you engage better with your prospects, especially your existing prospects. You can go on to check up on them, alert them, send them reminders, and do so much more and continue to keep that bond always. Text messaging campaigns, as said earlier, are easy and simple and make the process better. 

7.Cheaper/Affordable communication medium

Text messages don’t burn a hole in your pocket. There are multiple brands that are conducting text marketing and they can help you conduct this process easier. The packages are affordable and efficient in their text features. ( We have covered the best ones for you in our next category.)

8. Integrates into your marketing campaigns easily

You can easily conduct your text messaging campaigns better by integrating it with your other marketing tactics. It could be your social media handle and more. Don’t keep your text actions limited to just one place, play with it and use it in possible places because when you do this you come one step closer to engaging with the right leads. 

9. Conveys direct and straightforward content

Your text characters are minimal, to be precise 160 characters so the information that you create and send will be to the point and will add value to your prospects which makes this entire process of sending text messaging campaigns better. 

10. Saves time

Text messaging campaigns use smaller content to tap your prospect’s attention. They don’t waste much time in being created and also in being sent. Even when it comes to tracking the open rates too is easy since when someone receives a message, they are bound to click open to see it. 

Now that you have an understanding of how text messaging makes an impact on your business or on your marketing actions, it’s time for you to get started with this tactic.

Luckily for you, we have covered the ones that will successfully work for your brand in 2020. 

How Can You Create An Efficient Text Messaging Campaign?

1. Get your prospects to let you send text messages

When you add your friends on any of your social media handles until they don’t accept they can’t see your posts and more. This theory applies to text messaging as well.

If a prospect starts to receive text messages for something they didn’t opt for they will ignore it a few times till they block you. Eliminate this from happening by ensuring that your prospects allow you to send them text messages. 

Put it in this way:

a good cause text messaging  campaign request

As you can see, the details are mentioned and why prospects number is required, when your prospects subscribe for your brand, they will be aware of what they are receiving in their inbox. Building trust is important for successful text messaging campaigns.

Pro tip: When your prospects subscribe with your brand, ensure your first message reminds them that you’re reaching out to them because they wanted to learn from your brand hence the subscription from their end. This will help your prospects to remember their actions and expect texts from your brand.

2. Keep your text content as simple and short as possible

You have one short space to convey what you have to say so it would be better if you only illustrate the related content.

subscription confirmation text message

This text message is very relevant. It has stated the confirmation of the subscription and also what needs to be done next. This is an example of how concise should one send a text message and optimize a text messaging campaign. 

3. Send text messages at the right time

Your text messaging campaigns will only be successful when you send your prospects your texts at the right time. For that you need to identify what times they would prefer, to do so you can conduct a survey, or engage with your prospects frequently so that they can always expect a text from you at the right time.

4. Keep your text content fun

It’s a small text where you’re adding the value to what your prospects can expect from you, so in this case, why should you follow a complete format tone? Get creative, add emojis, add images, and more that can help your prospects to retain their attention and also grasp the value they will receive.

This is an example of it:

Fun text message
brand outlet text messaging campaign

Short, attractive, and easy to understand the purpose of the text. 

5. Offer discounts, coupons and more

Your prospects have chosen to subscribe to your brand from the millions of brands that are in the market, they deserve an appreciation. When you send a text to your prospects for any reason such as asking them to join an event or to try out your products, add in a coupon or discount so that they feel good about exploring your brand.

For instance, say that you want your prospect to start exploring your new features, you could offer them a 15% discount on the package. Seeing this the prospects will be compelled to give it a try. 

6. Personalize every text messaging accordingly

Your prospects are unique, their needs are unique, some would use your brand to increase their lead count, others would use your brand to create more brand awareness and more. You need to ensure that your text messages are curated according to the needs of the prospects.

It is simple when a prospect realizes that the text messages are curated according to their need, your brand impression enhances accordingly, and thereafter if you suggest or recommend your prospects to conduct an action they will do it because they know you are trying to help them out. 
Personalization is key to getting good ROI from text messaging campaigns

7. Create urgency in your text content

Your text message should make your prospect conduct an action. This will help them to click on the links you share and your lead count increases. It could be anything such as getting them to land on your website page, or share feedback or even try your product features. Create content in a manner where after reading it, they conduct an action.

8. Observe the performance and improvise accordingly

Text messages have different formats, such as adding emojis in one, adding images in another, some of them might not work and this can cause a stoppage in your work. The best way to conduct an efficient text messaging campaign is to continue to observe your performance. Invest in texts that function better for your brand and eliminate the ones that don’t add any kind of value.

9. Integrate text messaging with other marketing efforts

Don’t limit your text messaging tactics in one format, try integrating it in multiple other of your marketing channels such as social media, ads, and more. This will extend your text outreach and make more prospects to convert from your text messaging campaigns better.

10. Add value in your text content

Another factor that text messaging gives you is that it lets you place relevant content that adds value to your prospects. Since the place for the text is restricted to max 160 characters, you will add only short, valuable content and that is enough to compel your prospects to explore your brand better. 

There are multiple text messaging campaign optimization tools that can help you get started with the above practices, we have covered only the best ones for you. 

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Top Text Messaging Tools To Help You Get Started

1. Message Media

Message Media

MessageMedia is a text messaging tool. It focuses on helping brands receive more message reverts in a lesser time and messages are read more quickly. 


  • Bulk SMS
  • Two way SMS
  • Email SMS


Free plan, Basics- $49/month, Conversations- $69/month, Pro- $99/month

Capterra Ratings:


2. Send SMS

Send SMS text messaging campaign manager

Send SMS is another text messaging tool you can use. It focuses on making your sales and lead generation process easier. 


  • User-friendly platform
  • Multipurpose texting platform
  • Send SMS worldwide


Need to speak to the team

Trustpilot reviews:


3. mTalkz

mtalkz webpage

mTalkz is another text messaging tool you need to use. It provides multiple SMS services such as Cloud-enabled bulk SMS, IVR, Whatsapp, and marketing automation.

Best features:

  • 12000 TPS
  • Easy to use web panel
  • 1000+ International connection


Starts from $40

Capterra Ratings:


4. Routee

Routee sms marketing platform

Routee is another text messaging tool that you can make use of. It focuses more on helping brands receive advanced SMS services to serve their prospects better.

Best features:

  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS Survey


No information

Capterra Ratings:


The Bottom Line…

‘’85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.’’

And you should give them just that because you now have all the tricks in the book to help you conduct such a result-oriented action in 2020.

So tell us, what did you think of this article? Would you like to share your opinion on text messaging campaigns because we would love to hear more from you.

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, September 23, 2020, LimeCall Team

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