The Top 20 Live Chat And Chatbot Strategies

Team LimeCall

August 19, 2020
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You can double your lead count, conversion rate, and sales figures much faster than your current lead generation technique.

Do you know what’s the issue?

We believe that we need everything possible to capture leads even if it means blocking half of the screen of your website.

Yes, there are multiple solutions available that can help your business grow, but how will you be able to manage them in the first place and secondly understand which works best for you?

Understanding this, we have a question that can make you ponder on your actions?

What if we told you that there are two successful mediums that are effective, efficient and will make lead generation for you a breeze?

These two techniques are what the modern market requires and are guaranteed to make everything related to leads a hassle-free task, it can also increase your activities up to 2x more effectively.

Popularly known as ‘Live Chat’ and ‘Chatbots’, the blend of both can push your business from better to good to the best.

We can help you get started:

What to expect in this article?

Let’s get you on a tour.

Meaning of Live chat and Chatbot

When you view a website and see a small chat icon at the bottom, you instantly see an engagement that you can conduct. You start to interact with the chatbox present and understand that whatever queries you ask, it is answered quickly.

This entire process is happening because of live chat. 

Live chat is a simple, easy, and efficient way to engage and keep your prospects happy.

Won’t your prospects be happy when they realize that they have an immediate live chat process waiting for their queries to be answered?

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It is so simple and easy that in just seconds your prospects are identifying and finding all that they need.

Live chat makes this easy because it is relevant and to the point, there isn’t any long paragraphs or unwanted content, it is clear of its aim, asking questions to help your prospects, answering queries coming from your prospects and ensuring that the nurturing of prospects is taking place well.

This is is what live chat looks like:

Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies

It’s this easy.

No, if you see the images well, you will notice images of multiple individuals in it asking you questions.

Those are what are referred to as chat agents. 

You will be interacting with them, now this happens in two ways,

You will either be interacting with real humans or a chatbot.

Mostly humans conduct this action because it is a great way to make prospects feel comfortable and showcase multiple emotions, but with the rise of chatbots, this started to change because you can program the chatbot in such a way where the prospect will never even realize if it is chatting with a human or not.

Chatbots have grown twice more than their existence because they too are easy, they make it simple to interact with. They reply faster and cater to the needs of the prospects without any delays.

This is an example of chatbot conversations:

Live Chat and Chatbot Strategies

It’s so simple and easy. 

It’s to the point and relevant.

Now that you have understood the importance of these two solutions, let us see why live chat and chatbot strategies are required for your business to flourish?

Why is there an urgency for your brand to invest in Live chat and Chatbots in 2020?

It’s 2020 and if you want to sell better to your prospects, the only way to do that is to be fast in your lead generation activities.

See it in this way, you have leads coming to your website and if they have to wait for long just to be catered to, why will they retain their attention on your website, they would rather go to your competitors who are readily waiting to assist them.

See it in this way, the faster you connect with your prospects, the better are your chances of converting them into a sales lead which is why they use a live chat, and chatbot solution can help you better.

These two are the modern solutions that the 2020 market needs because with quick assistance not only will you be able to make a difference in your prospect’s purchasing decision but you can nurture them well which makes an impact again in your lead conversions.

If you think it is difficult to get started with these two solutions, let’s clarify that this is not true, instead, it is going to be easy as long as you follow the right strategies.

Luckily for you, we have got you covered in this.

Top 20 Live chat and Chatbot strategies to help you get started

1. Tap prospects immediately

Your prospects are going to visit your website which means you need to stay alert at all times. When they visit your website, you need to invite them to engage with you so that they can learn more about you. 

An example of this could be:

As you can see this message the prospect has been given the choice to continue further. This will help the prospects to understand its need and be directed in the right direction. 

When a prospect visits your website they want to learn how your solution can help them cater to their needs best and when this process happens quicker, it becomes so much easier to capture the prospects. 

2. Engaging with target accounts accordingly

When you are aware that you have received a target audience on your website, you need to start engaging with them in a more personalized manner. For instance, say that the VP of sales has come from a brand that matches your ideal audience criteria, it would make sense if you would engage with them accordingly to that.

For instance, you could speak more about their products and how your product can help enhance their solution better. You could carve your product in such a manner where how your product is helping that target account benefit them best is showcased more. 

3. Cater to existing prospects without fail

While you’re busy catering to your new prospects, do understand that your existing leads also require your attention for them. When you are aware that your existing lead has come to your website to invest in you again, ensure that you are catering to them well just the way you did when you engaged with them for the first time.

Understand what they are seeking, introduce them to your new products and updates and launches, suggest, or rather recommend them with confidence that can solve their current need best. When you do this, you are giving your brand the opportunity to continue keeping your existing leads happy and increasing your business simultaneously. This is perhaps one of the most important live chat and chatbot strategies for retention.

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4. Focus on hot prospects

Hot prospects are those prospects that are interested in your product and are ready to purchase, but multiple brands miss out on them because they fail to reach out to them or give them the attention required. You shouldn’t be doing that mistake hence it is important that you are identifying your hot leads in advance and catering to them immediately.

Your hot leads are very easy to identify, they will come to you directly to invest in your solution or they would give you the impression that they will make a purchase but they just need a small pinch of motivation, continue to observe such leads because when you tap hot leads, you are increasing your brand growth better. 

5. Identify your ideal target audience

You know what your product is all about. Your live chat medium or chatbot is dedicated to catering to such prospects so ensure that when a prospect comes and engages with you, you are conversing accordingly. It is easier to identify your prospects, such as they would ask relevant questions to learn about your prospects, they would be in the same niche, the industry you are in would be the same and more. 

6. Be alerted of prospects who have conducted an action with your emails

You send emails but how effective are they when you don’t track them the right way? Tracking emails aren’t limited to just seeing how many prospects have opened your email, you even need to track their actions on your email such as clicking on a link that you shared in your email.

For instance, say that you received an email and there is a link that is speaking about social media, you read what’s in the link and are curious which makes you come to their website. The minute the brand who sent you the email realized that it is you visiting their website, they are bound to treat you in the right direction. 

And you too would be happy to get on point and move away from the common statements hence it is important that you have programmed your chatbot in such a manner where they are able to detect such prospects and engage with them the right way. 

7. Keep your team ready when prospects are on the pricing page

When your prospects are on your pricing page they are looking at the investments and benefits they are going to receive which is why having a chatbot present there or rather a live chat window present there can earn you some great points. 

For instance, your prospects would like to see what benefits they are receiving and when you have a chatbot that engages with them at this time, they can compel the prospect’s decision to make that purchase.

For example, say maybe a prospect wants to invest in your brand but finds it too expensive, with an immediate live chat window present there they can clarify this doubt and understand the investment they are making. 

8. Make use of forms, they work well

Forms are a great way to capture your prospects when you’re not available or after working hours. This helps you capture your prospects without having the opportunity to miss out on them. When you have leads that have filled your form, you can easily engage with them on live chat and reach out to them quickly.

9. Engage with prospects who have filled the form and are your ideal audience

When you realize that a prospect has engaged with your brand via the form and it turns out they are your target audience, you can immediately guide them to engage with your sales teams. This will help you engage with them better and the focus on lead conversion happens quicker. 

10. Cater to prospects who have come from your ads

When you have realized that a prospect has visited your website from your ad, reach them out to the right team such as sales teams so that the right engagement can take place. You can do this when your prospect comes on your website and you can give them the option to connect to the right person. 

11. Keep an answer ready for why prospects should choose your brand

The competition gets tough which is why you need to keep proving to your prospects why your brand is the best. You need to understand that your prospects are going to ask you this in one way or the other and at that time you need to have your answer ready. You can either place social proofs when they view your website or share content or achievements or testimonials to strengthen your brand growth. 

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12. Get your product managers available when needed

Your product is the star of your brand. Your prospects are going to question you about your products which is why when you interact with them over chat, ensure that you have the related product managers helping you in this way. Give your prospects the opportunity to learn more about your product with the help of your product managers, make it easy for them to reach out to your team.

13. Focus more on booking meetings

Your live chat window and Chatbots purpose is to capture as many leads as possible. The best way to do this is by converting your conversation into booking meetings. When you are aware that your prospect is enquiring more about your brand or is showing interest, immediately make your chatbot initiate the meeting option. 

The more meetings you capture the better are your chances of sales conversion. 

14. Identify and cater to target industries quicker

You will have an industry you want to target, say that you are selling callback software so your industry could be multiple such as real estate and more, now when you realize that a prospect has visited your website from the industry you want to invest in, this will help you cater to them better

Hence when interacting, ensure that your chatbot is asking relevant questions that will help you identify your type of industries your prospects are from which will help you serve them better. 

For instance, say that you capture quality leads, real estate can benefit from your callback solution, so when you identify that they have engaged with you, you can align your product solution accordingly and engage with them in such a manner. This will help increase your chances of converting them into leads and boost your conversions better. 

15. Make your conversations better with the prospect

Your first impression is everything with your prospects when you engage with them. Keep your chatbot engagements simple, to the point, and interesting. Your prospects should be able to understand what is being shown to them on chat and are finding their answers relevant to what they had enquired about. The conversation should be conducted in such a manner where you are able to retain the attention of the prospects and compel them to learn and explore your brand better. 

16. Prepare a guide or a tour for prospects

Your prospects will explore your brand better when you make it easy for them. When interacting with your prospects on live chat instead of speaking how your brand functions, why don’t you give them the opportunity to get on a tour to learn about your brand better. This will help remember better and will be compelled to get on a free trial to learn about your brand better. 

Your product tours can be anything, it can be FAQs, short or long guides, a video guide, and more. Keep the guides in simple language, use more high-quality images, and explain every feature or process in detail. 

17. Make use of buttons to connect prospects anywhere instantly

If your prospects are enquiring about a certain thing, keep it simple in your chatbot to help them reach out to your team. For instance, if your prospect wants to speak to someone concerning your product, the best way is to connect them to your sales teams.

For this to happen, keep it easy to connect such as making use of a button. This button will instantly connect that prospect to your sales teams and work things out better. 

18. Use content to tap leads quicker

Content matters and it matters because it can help you capture leads better. For instance, when you ask questions with your prospects via the live chat, you can help them better by sharing the content that can help them explain a topic better. This will increase your chances of them learning about your brand and in turn revert to learn more from you. 

Ensure your chatbot is sharing relevant content according to the questions being asked by the prospect. 

19. Make event registrations easy

You would conduct seminars and events that can benefit your ideal audience but do you know why you wouldn’t get more sign-ups because the prospect would have found it difficult to register it in the first place. You can eliminate this from happening by programming your chatbot to be of help. You can make the chatbot e helpful when prospects want to register for the event. 

Keep your live chat window as a place on your event page where prospects can clear their doubts and ask relevant questions about the event such as what they will learn, who are joining, and more so that they can be enticed to be a part of the event. 

20. Focus on growing your subscriber list

By sharing relevant guides, case studies, blogs to your prospects online, you are increasing the subscriber base of your potential prospects towards your brand. This will help you capture them better and convert them into a sales lead quicker. 

The Bottom Line…

Didn’t we tell you that you are going to increase your lead activities higher? With this strategy, you now stand a chance to excel better than your peers.

Before you head away to get started, let’s conduct a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • When you view a website and see a small chat icon at the bottom, you instantly see an engagement that you can conduct. You start to interact with the chat box present and understand that whatever queries you ask, it is answered quickly. This entire process is happening because of live chat. 
  • Chatbots acts as human agents and engage with prospects behind the scenes of the chat window
  • The use of a live chat and chatbot solution can help you better. These two are the modern solutions that the 2020 market needs because with quick assistance not only will you be able to make a difference in your prospect’s purchasing decision but you can nurture them well which makes an impact again in your lead conversions.
  • The top 20 live chat and Chatbot strategies are focusing on good conversations, using content to garner more lead attention, making event registration easy and more

So tell us what did you think of this article? Which strategy caught your attention? We would like to hear from you, so you can simply tweet us.

If you found this helpful, we do have more such content with us, do check out Limecall for more.

, August 19, 2020, Team LimeCall

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