July 2020: Here’s Whats New In LimeCall

LimeCall Team

July 6, 2020
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Hi there,

We just wanted to let you know that our team at Limecall has gone from super to ultra super with the features we offer you currently.

We aim to make your experience with Limecall better with every use:

  • Helping you access lead details better
  • Making it easier to find everything and anything with Limecall
  • Enhancing each feature to let you perform with better usability
  • Making lead generation a convenient and easier process for you

To try it out, you can head to Limecall’s feature page.

At Limecall, our team is working round the clock and putting in efforts to make your experience with our brand exceptional each time. We would like to hear from you as well. Speak to us and let us know what you think about our brand and the features which you will be seeing below.

Here are the brilliant feature upgrades, we have made for you:

🚀 Features Update

1. Let Visitors Pick Their TimeZone

Don’t miss out on any of your leads who engage with you from different parts of the world. We have enhanced your Widget, where if your prospect has scheduled a call according to the timezone of their location, that same details will be displayed to you as well. 

2. Caller Id – Let Customers Know Who’s Calling

Let your prospects always be aware that the calls made to them by you have an identity of your brand. We have enhanced this feature by letting you conduct the below options:

  • Adding a new number
  • Selecting a number from the purchased numbers list
  • Using a default Limecall number if Caller ID has no identity
  • Verifying every new number added

3. Edit multiple contacts with the Bulk editor

Saving your time to organize your lead details, we have enhanced our contacts module page by adding a bulk option to it. You can now delete or add contacts, import contacts in CSV templates and filter contact list in bulk instead of doing it individually.

4. Introducing a new widget trigger style

You can now make your Classic template better than before. We have enhanced the design style for this template by adding another feature which is called ‘Slide extension style.’

Widget – LimeCall — Watch Video

5. Improved UI with quick lead details preview

Instead of you having to click on every lead to view their details, we have cut short this process by letting you view the lead details by just hovering on the information. The details will be displayed on the side pane giving you a faster approach to connect with leads better.

Leads – LimeCall — Watch Video

6. Preview Widget Designs

Your widget is the star of your website which means no mistakes needed to be encountered even in its design. We have enhanced this feature by offering a ‘Preview’ option so that you can recheck your widget design and eliminate or add extras accordingly.

Widget – LimeCall — Watch Video

7. Team members tasks are now managed automatically

We have removed manually assigning of team members by automatically conducting it. From now on any calls being assigned to any team members will be done automatically and that same will be reflected under the ‘Scheduled calls’ tab. This helps in easy management of the team and the time saved is focused on lead conversions.

8. Schedule automated call retries

Schedule automated call retries to let the system automatically call people again if they don’t answer the first call attempt. Adding in automated retries will significantly increase the call pick up rate.

Lime Call — Watch Video

9. View valuable lead insights with Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics can help you gain insights about your web activities by helping you achieve the goals you’ve set. By adding this to our integration list you can now receive call conversion data and evaluate those conversions on a bigger picture. You can now conduct your Google Analytics events via Zapier as well.

10. Integrate with Hubspot for two way sync with your CRM

With the installation of Hubspot in our integration list, your marketing actions are going to be enhanced. With Limecall, you can start creating contacts in it, view conversion status, make efficient inbound calls, retrieve reporting information of all calls, and more. With this, your marketing activities become twice efficient.

11.  Book meetings quicker using personal links

Make it easy for your prospects to connect with your agents. You now have an option where you can send personal links via email or any other source when engaging with prospects. As soon as they click the link, they will be able to book a date and time for a meeting with your agents. The easier you make the communication process, the faster the conversion rates you can expect.

Profile – LimeCall — Watch Video

12. Share your private company link for users to connect with your brand better

Make it easy for your prospects to connect with anyone from your team whether it’s the sales team or more. You now have an option where you can send the private company links via email or any other source when engaging with prospects. As soon as they click the link, they will be able to book a date and time for a meeting with your agents. The easier you make the communication process, connecting with prospects becomes easier.

Settings – LimeCall — Watch Video

13. Improved titles for better user understanding of a feature 

You can cater to your leads better when you have a tool that is user friendly which is exactly what Limecall aims to give you. We have personalized the categories and the title so that you can understand what action you are conducting and why. 

, July 6, 2020, LimeCall Team

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