Guide to Buy Online Virtual Numbers for Business

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July 17, 2021
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Being a business entrepreneur demands a lot. We have to take care of all the aspects of our business. We need to create marketing campaigns, negotiate with dealers, constantly make calls to investors or customers, etc. and for that, you need to buy online virtual numbers for business.

Work is an everyday thing. One needs the determination and flair to start their own business. 

Calling and answering vital phone calls occupies a huge part of this. But we should never be compromising our privacy. Using our phone number is a no-no. 

A virtual phone number is the best option for a business owner to have. It helps increase flexibility, professionalism, and proper separation of work and personal life.  The number helps in maintaining professional composure while working. It also helps maintain privacy. 

When taking a day off, we’ve all been there having a memorable trip with our loved ones. A flood of clientele or colleague calls might just drown the mood. We can get online virtual numbers to help prevent this and enjoy uninterrupted, free time.

We can be unavailable to take calls, spend some family time, or are trying to relax. The calls can be routed to a distinct voicemail line to get scheduled for our work hours in such cases. A virtual number is our most workable option to maximize customer reach. This makes communication convenient and hassle-free.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that doesn’t come with a SIM card. It isn’t fixed to one location either. It’s an efficient option for entrepreneurs, business employees, and work from home individuals.

The number can be connected to several devices at once. We can choose to receive and make calls from our desired device. We can change it whenever and so are called secondary numbers.  The numbers are easily accessible through online directories and also maintain anonymity.

In spite of where the caller or receiver is based, connectivity is ensured across the world. Receivers can know that the calls are from a business line depending on their Caller ID service. But they can’t distinguish between the standard and virtual telephone numbers.

They’re also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID). The numbers don’t need any associated lines and can be used for fixed, mobile, or VoIP calls. Already existent hardware and phones can be used for the extra software. Depending on the set time and day, calls can be forwarded into one’s workplace or personal mobile.

When do You Need to Buy Online Virtual Numbers for Business?

  • Organization:

In a business, there’ll be many calls at a time and for that, we need to buy online virtual numbers for business. We can’t miss essential clientele calls, various investor calls, and many more. So, they help provide a single gateway for multiple lines of contact. All these calls can be answered or made simultaneously. These lines can be forwarded to any needed device. This helps in easier organization and accessibility.

  • Overall ease:

Irrespective of the specifics of a business, we need a virtual phone number. DIDs offer some outstanding features like increasing affordability, convenience, safety, and efficiency. They enable better call management with limited staff and increasing teamwork productivity. 

  • Customer Service:

If there are problems with communication, it would be really bad for the business. Typical problems faced by a small business are longer response time and busy call lines. Both these problems can be resolved with virtual numbers when customers contact us.

The numbers help any business owner to support their customers efficiently. We’ll appreciate the uses of the service as we can have full control over the interactions of the company. 

How does a virtual online number work for businesses?

Instead of network service providers, virtual numbers use secure internet technology for calls. They use data for connectivity, enabling worldwide access. This creates a wider spectrum of calls and inquiries.

It uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The technology is successfully used in apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Google Voice. Calls and texts can be made using already existent broadband connections. They can be connected over the internet and even with traditional phone networks.

The protocol provides a better quality connection even with low-speed internet. It also consumes lesser data in comparison. They’re portable and can switch between providers without changing the number ID.  

A virtual number is useful for many locations operating under the same phone ID. It also connects various calls through many simultaneous lines for efficient customer service.

Benefits to Buy Online Virtual Numbers for Business

  • Economical
    While running a business, we need to be careful about the places where we spend our money. Using a standard network service provider is sure to burn a hole in our pockets. There are separate additions for text messages and local and international calls needed.  Not to mention the expensive add ons and packs one would need. 
  • No geographical/cost limitations
    We can offer toll-free numbers globally for all services when you buy online virtual numbers for business. Through the same number, customer calls can be redirected to their needed service. Virtual phone numbers also don’t charge customers for calling. This removes one hurdle away from them contacting our business.
  • Additional services
    There are additions like call queue, voice menu, and music on hold. These make it inevitable that we buy online virtual numbers for business. Monotonous sounds and music playing can be irritating when put on hold. One can even add attractive offers and upcoming services for customers to hear them. 
  • IVR menu option
    Many customers call to enquire about certain questions often. Including these in the voice menu can reduce the number of calls to be attended by an agent many fold. This makes customers’ waiting time shorter as well. 
  • Automated greeting/callback messages
    We can also add voicemail greetings and get back to them in a short while. We can also assure customers that we’ll track and listen to their voicemails. 

We value our privacy as much as we focus on our work. Without a proper distinction, we might end up getting wound up in work calls and office affairs. Even after the scheduled time, they might stress us out. Completely avoiding and missing out can also put us in a state of missing essential calls. To prevent non-optimal burnout or ignorance, we need to buy online virtual numbers for business.

When we put our public numbers out there, public for the world to see, we put our privacy at risk. We should not only make our business simple to access but also avoid any spam, fraud, or automated calls. Some cloud service providers also give us various options. 

We can whitelist a few numbers, be it investors, sponsors, colleagues, or other VIPs.

Features of A Virtual Phone Number

What is a Virtual Phone Number & How to Get One?
  • Auto attending: 

With some cloud service providers, the auto attendant feature can be really helpful. They can pick calls immediately, greet callers and explain a menu. This can include the customer’s desired options. Without wasting time, the customer can reach the person they need to talk to.

Leave the constant redirection and putting calls on hold at bay. Because this helps skip many people and directly connect with an agent to help them out. These call routing features function without any costly add ons and more staff.

  • Portability:

On days out of the office or on holidays, important calls can’t be missed. To aid us with this, the calls can be sent to agents directly. We can prevent causing any inconvenience to the customers. 

Some cloud service providers also have transcription services. In some unfortunate cases, calls are redirected to voicemail. They are recorded, transcribed, and mailed to the assigned agents for immediate action.

  • Versatility:

They enable many business interactions across a wide variety of devices. This can be through landline receivers, desktops, mobile phones, and personal computers. 

We can create custom schedules for call forwarding, redirecting, and answering.

Cloud services also enable many features:

  • Personalization of recorded voice messages
  • Provision of business menu
  • Inclusion of frequently asked questions
  • Voicemail greetings.
  • Some cloud services let us pick our caller ID and number. 
  • Text message and fax features are also available for the number. Unlimited calling and call recording are resourceful features for business entrepreneurs.

How does LimeCall help?

Revenue Optimization Platform – LimeCall

96% of global customers lean towards telephonic service. A smooth conversation increases sales by ensuring customers have the information they need. A positive opinion in this regard helps to convert callers into customers—phone calls. In general, it helps understand the customer’s needs better and solve their queries. 

LimeCall provides the possibility of personalization. Agents and executives can receive feedback after calls to improve customer satisfaction. We need to listen to the customer, acknowledge their needs, and avoid a call lineup. This helps provide great customer service over a call. 

It is essential that agents remain calm, composed, upbeat, affirmative, and empathetic throughout. LimeCall ensures good support, assistance, and advice while valuing gratification. 

Cloud service providers like LimeCall provide:

  • Instant web conversations: 

LimeCall adds a “click to call” button on our website for visitors. The customizable feature helps customers connect easier with agents. It helps personalize work hours and gives intel on visitors. This increases the conversation rate and consumer experience. The feature works on any device and helps set up automated follow-up calls. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrated call can be recorded and tracked with ease.

  • Automatic routing of leads to specific and relevant agents: 

The Interactive Voice Response guides customers to the right person fast. It also overlooks and schedules calls for sales representatives and clients. 

  • Turning website visitors into customers faster: 

Callbacks help retain customers, solve their problems quicker and promote brand loyalty. The service eliminates hold time, enunciates smooth multi-transitions, and keeps our data secure. 

  • Data Capture: 

It helps us collect demographic details from visitors. This gets validated and synced with our CRM instantly. This helps shape the marketing approach and identify our target audience. 

  • Data Management: 

LimeCall helps us respond to and generate calls quicker. Efficient team management makes sure that the call is carried out smoothly. For instant resolution, the service is the best option. 

How to Get A Virtual Phone Number For Your Business?

Businesses aim to increase customers and enhance their experience. To also make our job easier, we need to buy virtual online numbers for business. They ensure lucrative contact and communication. Buy online virtual numbers for businesses to ensure better connectivity in every stage. They provide portability, accessibility, versatility, organization, and top-tier customer service. For their overall service, they’re also quite affordable. The automated features can be quite helpful for companies with limited staff.

How Can A Virtual Phone Number Help Your Business?

One can get their virtual numbers in 4 types.

  • Local, area coded numbers: We can get numbers based on geographic areas or the location we’re in. These will include specific details like area codes or rate centres. These don’t affect connectivity in any way, though and helps us contact people from all over the world.
  • Toll-free numbers: Usually beginning with 1888 or 1800, these are universally accessible numbers for anyone. They don’t cost the customers to call, or company and standard charges for SMS aren’t applied either.
  • Vanity numbers: These are creative and fancy numbers beginning with 1800 and a word or a catchy phrase. Usually, the company’s main feature, product, or even the company name can be included. We can also use a shortened version of a message or a simple code.
  • Transfer: We can also convert our standard telephone or SIM number into an online virtual number or transfer our already existent virtual number from one service provider to another.

How to Buy Virtual Phone Numbers Online?

In most websites, we simply need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign up with some personal details
  • Fill in a few details
  • Pick your number, choose a call forwarding number.
  • Select a plan and add ons.

Once this is done, We’ll have our number ready to make and receive calls in a few minutes. We’ll be asked to provide ID proof and proof of address. Then, it’s straight to paying and getting our number set up on all the devices you want.

There are various cloud service providers to buy online virtual numbers from. Across many are valuable add ons for efficiency free of cost and with a plethora of plans for us to choose from.

Step By Step Guide to Buy Online Virtual Phone Numbers for Your Business

  • Do proper research to find the right service provider:

There are a lot of companies that offer free and paid virtual numbers. We need to take our time and look through the websites and find the most feasible option. We have to fulfill all our specific needs and find the perfect provider for our business.

  • Browse through plans: 

Sometimes, we don’t need it all, and sometimes we do. Finding the right plan makes all the difference when it comes to spending just the right amount. Depending on our needs at that stage of the business, we need to find suitable plans. This makes communication that much easier. 

  • Find nominal add ons: 

Our plans don’t have to do all the work for us. There are basic packs with add ons that are much more cost-efficient. These can be specific or general based on the company we choose. These add ons give us all the needed facilities. 

  • Fill in specifications: 

We need to specify the features required, generally need for SMS, fax, and similar options. One can filter by location, code, or rate usually to get their desired numbers. 

  • Pick the number and start a free trial: 

It’s always better to start with a trial first, paid or free. This helps us have an idea of how everything works and practical exposure to the company’s service. Based on our liking, we can choose to continue the service by paying, modifying the plan, or trying another service. There should be no compromise as we’re aiming to create a perfect communication thread.

  • Picking the main number

While registering, we need to pick the main number that we find fit. This can be a local/ location-based number with area codes, a toll-free number, or a custom creative one.

We can convert our traditional phone number into a business one. One can also transfer a number from a different service provider without any changes. In case you’re transferring your number, you’ll have to enter your already existing number there. 

  • Personal details: 

We will have to fill in personal details like Name, Mobile Number, Email address, and other details to sign in. Once we’ve created an account, we’ll have to fill in some details about our business.

  • Business Details: 

These include Company Name, Address with State, Pin Code, and Nationality. Once the account has been created, we can select our plans, add teammates, and buy more numbers. Depending on our needs, alterations can be made. 

Once the steps mentioned above are done, we are free to use the number. We can connect more devices and set up our business number.

How can LimeCall be the answer to effective communication?

The unmatched conversion rates and instant conversation are great additions for business owners. Get online virtual numbers from them for smarter distribution to agents. They have also enhanced customer experience with the best new features. Live audio calls and chats with website visitors help increase customers.

Proper communication is highly valued for any business owner who values time, efficiency, and customer service at an affordable rate. We need to efficiently manage business calls, services and provide instant solutions to customers. All steps in customer interaction should also be closely monitored and improved on. Using LimeCall for virtual numbers will do just that and so much more. 


To ensure good management and customer service, we need to use trustworthy companies. With the easy answer of using LimeCall, we can make sure that we have the following in check:

  • Best customer satisfaction.
  • Better interaction to turn visitors into customers.
  • Better guidance for handling all communication.

If one values and understands the worth of such features, taking one easy step like checking our website can help them achieve the merits of LimeCall.

, July 17, 2021, Team LimeCall

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