How to Capture Customers Effectively With Callback Softwares?

LimeCall Team

July 27, 2020
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If you’re going to wait for your prospects to reach out to you, your lead generation process is weak.

If your prospects have to wait for hours to speak to you or don’t find any route to connect with you easily, they are going to walk away. This is why your businesses need callback softwares.

It’s 2020, and remember the only way you can get higher conversion rates or tap a huge number of potential prospects is through an easy communication channel.

So say 3 hot leads appear on your website and found no way to communicate with you, all 3 will walk towards your competitors, and you are left with the heavy loss of valuable leads that could have made an impact on your business.

In 2020, you shouldn’t just sell, you need to sell the smart way and the only way to do that is by investing in a smart communication platform.

This article will explain the real deal and everything related to it.

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Let’s get started.

Why should you capture prospects’ attention when they are interested?

Let’s understand this with an example:

Now you walk into a shop and your attention is captured with the clothes you see on the rack, you keep checking and you tend to like a denim jacket and some accessories, now your in second doubt that whether you want to make that purchase or not since no one is assisting you, you leave.

What if there was a staff helping you, telling you about the offers or about the collections, wouldn’t you be compelled to see what they are offering?

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This is exactly what you need to do to your prospects.

When they come to your website, you don’t have to sell to them directly, but when you realize that they are exploring your solution, you need to hit them at that time right when their interests are being developed. 

So how can you do this, you need a quick solution that can help your prospects connect with you easily and email can’t help in such a solution, here is when this solution can help you.

Callback softwares.

What are callback softwares?

Callback softwares are an easy solution that can help your prospects to get connected with just one click. This is a widget that will appear on your website and the minute the prospect sees it, they can get connected with you either in 28 seconds or as scheduled.

Callback software presence has multiple advantages, let’s head to our next category to find out better about it.

Benefits of callback softwares

1. Connects prospects easily

Now as stated earlier, when you realize that you have a brand that offers an easy way for you to connect with them that too with just one single click, wouldn’t you mind learning more about the brand and the solution it offers?

This is exactly what callback softwares aims to deliver. Callback softwares is an easy solution that makes communication much quicker than the other methods, there is no need to remember a number, all you need to do is push the button on the widget and you will get connected.

2. Easy placement on the website

Another great reason to love callback softwares is the fact that you can place it anywhere, so say for instance that your prospects are viewing your pricing page and this callback widget appears there, it is obvious that the prospect would like to get on a call to discuss the same. This gives you the opportunity to close more sales deals with easy engagement as this.

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3. Customer experience is better

Prospects like it when they are being assisted first and that is exactly what callback softwares aims to deliver. The customer experience is better because firstly the assistance is quick for prospects, secondly when the prospects need to clarify a doubt it has become easy for them. 

4. Sales opportunities are higher

As stated earlier, when you can assist your prospects on time and when their interest is developing there are chances that your sales figures will improve. With callback softwares connecting to a prospect has become easy, and because the engagement is high, sales opportunities are doubled.

5. Better management of leads

Lead management becomes easy with callback softwares as the leads that are serious about your brand and the product are the ones who contact you, so you will be able to cater to them better. Also, certain callback software offer dashboard solutions where you can monitor your leads and manage them according to their status and more.

6. Never miss out on leads

Callback solutions let you capture leads even when you’re not online. You receive a notification or alert of the calls scheduled so that when you come online you can get in touch with them hence no leads are being missed. 

The Bottom Line…

Callback solutions are the ultimate solution to communicating better with prospects in 2020.

Before you head out, let’s conduct a quick summarization of what we’ve covered:

Key Takeaways:
  • You need to capture customers at the peak of their interests so that you can assist them at the right time
  • Callback softwares is an easy solution that can help your prospects to get connected with just one click. This is a widget that will appear on your website and the minute the prospect sees it, they can get connected with you either in 28 seconds or as scheduled.
  • Benefits of callback softwares are connecting with prospect easily, never missing out on any potential leads, capturing leads even when your not online and more
Limecall Callback software

The best way for you to understand callback softwares value better is through the medium of actually trying it out yourself. Why don’t you let Limecall help you with this?

Do let us know what you think of this article. We would like to hear your opinion

, July 27, 2020, LimeCall Team

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